Talent will be formed for which talent mapping

Talent identification criteria of Pretoria UniversityTalent in the university will be identified by assessing the following criteria• Performance• Level of work• PotentialPerformanceFor the purpose of talent management university process management system will be used to assess the performance of an individual. All the employees have to complete the performance agreement and potential device plan which should reflect target, success measure and output in line with the performance expectation. Other than this line manager will be responsible to provide the continuous feedback on performance progress and should inform the HR manager in case of identification of poor performance.

In order to promote the continuous improvement and learning performance review as well as assessment should be done by line managers. Outcome of the review should be the primary input to the talent management process of the university.Managers will assess the potential of staff on the basis of their ability to carry out future assignment and to work efficiently at next level. For valid talent identification learning agility and competencies should be the core consideration of the university.

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Level of work /LeadershipIn the university level specific pathways will be formed for which talent mapping will be done.in the leadership path way manager will identify 4 leadership level(managing other , leading a group, leading a university, leading leader)those who exceed performance criteria will this pathway.5 specialization levels should be present in the university• Within the university• Within the discipline• Within the sector• Nationally• InternationallyIntegrated talent capability framework(Whelan and Carcary 2011)Capability framework which describes broad competencies required by the Pretoria University will be mapped by the mangers which will help them to understand the required qualities, attributes and skills needed at each level at present or in future.by using this framework at all level acquired competencies will be indicated prior to the promotion to next levelTalent review process(Lewis and Heckman 2006)The main purpose of talent review process is to identify the strength of talent in the institution and plans are proposed to ensure that talent competitiveness is retained.

Talent identification(Abbott, Collins et al. 2002)Talent identification process should be guided by successful leadership such as personality, conceptual, intelligent, performance, leadership and potential. Talent identification should be supported by 360º leadership assessment result, rating of performance management, work assessment level and performance profile result(Davis, Cutt et al. 2016). In order to evaluate the suitability of various roles and potential assessment process should be used.Talent mapping(Naqvi 2009, Garavan, Carbery et al.

2012)Talent mapping is guided by the talent identification process outcomes. In this university talent should be profile according to the performance potential matrix with relative to leadership specialization level. This involves a graphical representation of strength and weakness of each leadership level.

Talent forumTalent forum should be setup to identify and manage talent and it consist of management team at different levelTalent forum will review as well as monitor of all employees’ performance according to the outcome of talent mappingIt will confirm talent strength for university and also proposed action plan.Will form wide university proposal and communicate to the university talent forum chaired by the VC.Talent plan Talent plan will include high level proposal for attraction, retention and engagement of talentAttraction: proposal of what the university will do to attract talentRetention: proposal to what university will do to retain talentEngagement: proposal to what university will do to engage talentTalent developmentUniversity must provide equal opportunity for development. Type of development undertaken by the individual should match with their potential in order to ensure maximum benefit. Line manager should be responsible to provide support and guidance in order to ensure that development is taking place.

Employee’s engagement orientation programAll the new employees will require attending the university work orientation program so that they get to know about policies of university, procedures, guidelines and regulation according to the specific job descriptionAll new employees will also require attending the research induction programs so that they know about the research procedure and guidelines.For staff development in university different committee will be formed to ensure the quality of activities such as: teaching and learning; research; management and administration. Budget will be formulated by the mangers for in-house training and development programs.Example of talent management in Pretoria UniversityRecruitment on the staff? Requirement of university:Need to hire 3 assistant professor ( pharmacology, pharmaceutics, biochemistry) and 3 lectures ( pharmacology, pharmaceutics, biochemistry) .

The University is committed to provide equality of opportunity to all the talented people.? Development of job description / Level of knowledge and skills required for the desired positionPretoria University requires the services of highly qualified and competent candidates for the posts of Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and lecturer. In table 1 knowledge and required skills required for the job is mentioned.


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