A put Dr.Manette in the Bastille for all

A Tale of Two Cities In the movie A Tale of Two Citiesthere were three strands of people:the Manettes, the Everemonds and the revolutionists.These three strands became critically entangled at one point in the book.Everyone of the strands became involved when Charles Darnay was found guilty at his trial and sentenced to death. Charles was currently involved with the Manette family when the revolutionists imprisoned him for being an Evremonde.Of course there were many events leading up to Darnay’s conviction.

The first event occurred when Dr. Manette was locked up in the Bastille by the Evremonde family.He was called upon to care for Madame Defarge’s sister and brother, but when they died he was imprisoned so he could not tell anyone of their murder.Madame Defarge became very angry with the loss of her family and planned revenge against all the Evremondes.

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Dr. Manette stayed in the Bastille for sixteen years.During his time in there he wrote a diary of what went on.He also lost his identity and became a shoe cobbler.When he finally got out of prison he had no recollection of his early life. The second event was when Charles asked to marry Lucie.

Dr. Manette, who had be reunited with his daughter, saw no problem with the marriage until Charles revealed his real identity to everyone on the wedding day.Charles’s last name was really Evremonde.His father was the man who put Dr.Manette in the Bastille for all those years.Manette forgave Charles because he.

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