Essay things make Dr. Manette slip into

Essay title: Tale of Two Cities

Lucie is believed to be the "Golden Thread" which nurtures her father back to a healthy physical and mental state.

After being held in the Bastille for 18 years, Dr. Manette, Lucie's father, is unable to cope with the outside world.When Lucie meets him for the first time his voice seems like "it had lost the life and resonance of the human voice, that it affected the senses like a once beautiful colour faded away into a poor weak stain" (29).Dr. Manette looks like he lost all hope of his life and will just continue to make shoes.

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This contrasts to Lucie's visage described as bright, and fair.Lucie's presence "had warmed and lighted it his cold white head as though it were the light of freedom shining on him" (34).This presence shows that Lucie will not be affected by Dr. Manette's darkness in the room, but Dr. Manette will be the one to change his perspective on life and Lucie will help redeem him."Among these terrors, and the brood belonging to them, the Doctor walked with a steady head: confident in his power, cautiously persistent in his end, never doubting that he would save Lucie's husband at last" (212).Because of Lucie's love and nurturing, none of these things make Dr.

Manette slip into his past.He walks among these terrors with a steady heart, head, and hand along with Lucie by his side. Dickens' descriptions of Lucie Manette's physical characteristics represent a symbolic, as well as a literal meaning of the "Golden Thread".Lucie's "golden hair, which she wore in long curls" (33) took the sight of Dr. Manette when they first met in the Defarge's Wine Shop.

Dr. Manette's conversation with Lucie about her hair brought them closer together because Dr. Manette told her that her hair reminded him of his wife's."Then, as the darkness closed in, the daughter laid her head down on the hard ground close at the father's side, and watched him.The darkness deepened and deepened, as they both lay quiet, until a light gleamed through.

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