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People of all nations and of all times can relate to it and according to David Thoreau this is what makes a novel a good piece of literature.The Rich and the poor alike can understand where Dickens is coming each other are getting their ideas.

The rich can see what the poor are going through and what they can do to prevent a revolt in their society. The novel also transcends time.Throughout the novel, A tale of two cities, Dickens displays elements of writing that categorize it as a classic work piece of literature. Granted, it was written over 100 years ago but it is still read all around the world.This novel transcends time.

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It will be around for many years to come because public schools are requiring that high school students read it.This novel has so many symbolic references that it will be around forever. Dickens uses many styles of writing throughout the novel like doubles, personification, and similes.Another style used commonly is the use of symbols.

One of the personifications used was Hungry bones walking referring to the poor people who were dying daily in the streets because of famine.This was symbolic in a way that it gives insight before the revolution and it is one of the causes of this French revolution.Another symbol used was the grindstone that was used to sharpen tools for killing and the guillotine used for killing the aristocracy.The guillotine was the main symbol of the revolution.It was the end of the aristocracy and the beginning of the poor uprising and taking control of the country. People of all nations and all times can relate.

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