Taking Imagination Seriously essay

The speech was called ‘Taking Imagination Seriously. ‘ The main point of her speech is how you can be innovative use your surroundings to create something so beautiful Illuminating Stages of Creativity It all started when she was offered a Fulbright to India she had been painting for ten years this was what she had been waiting for promising to give exhibitions of paintings she shipped them off.

Once she arrived, she soon found out that the paintings had never made it. She had to do something she promised to show paintings.She began to think she knew the village she was in was famous for sculpting so she started to see what she could do. First she tried bronze casting that was not was she was looking for it weighed too much cost was out of the question. She took a walk on the beach and noticed the fisherman on the beach with their nets how they pile them on top of each other and she start thinking way outside the box and theft what sparked the idea of volumetric sculpting. She didn’t stop there she collaborated with these local fisher men to bring to life her first sculpture titled ‘Wide Hips.It was such a mastering sight how the wind affected the material to make the sculpture seem alive.

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Echelon was so intrigued she wanted to find variations. She rose up quickly people all around the world viewed her work. Then her first true challenge came when she was commissioned to build a permanent sculpture. Just knowing that she took an idea that started from fishing nets expanded into something so great is incredible. Concepts of Imagination and Curiosity For two years, Echelon tried to find materials that could with stand all theater conditions even the handmade knots weren’t enough to stop a hurricane.She knew she needed help and some innovative resources to get this sculpture up for the world to see. So she started networking calling various engineers to help her with this project. It was very challenging because it had never been done before lots of trial and error.

She finally starts to put things together taking the ancient stitching patterns of the fishermen making it something a machine could produce once this was created three years and two children later her goal was met.After completing his, she was offered another task to build a sculpture that would be placed in the middle of the city. Curiosity was at its peak right now just excited that she would have to learn a new way to get this sculpture up had her hard pumping she took the assignment. She was a natural every time she got an assignment she would use that innovating brain and think up, so awesome ways to breathe life into the sculptures. Through being curious, her ideas and perspectives grew above and beyond what she’d ever imagine.

Points Apply to Personal Experience and Beneficial to Society From the start of her speech when she said took imagination seriously I thought about when I was little, and I use to imagine being an architect, doctor, cop and NFG player. These things are what drove me to shape the person I wanted to be knowing you want to be a cop tried my best not to get in trouble fights things like that also football had to have the grades to play and fighting was off the list, or you couldn’t play.

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