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Essay title: Taking Care of Your Teeth

I like teeth& I believe that a pretty smile tells a lot about a person. I want to give people pretty smiles that can maybe change their lives.Opening- What is something that you do every day no matter what mood you are in? Smile! Everybody smiles, everyday.Even if you’re in a bad mood and nothing seems to be going right, someone or something somewhere will make you smile.

About 6 months ago I decided that I liked teeth and smiling so much that I wanted to be able to change someone’s life and give them the pretty smile that they deserve. I’m going to inform you of ways to keep your teeth healthy and your smile gorgeous.There are many things you can do.Eating right, brushing and flossing the correct way, buying the right kind of toothbrush, not using tobacco, and visiting your dentist on a regular basis.All of these things put together result in a happy, healthy smile!General Purpose- Inform class of Dental CareSpecific Purpose-How to keep your teeth healthy.Ways To Keep Your Teeth HealthyBuy the right toothbrushAccording to the ADA (American Dental Association) a regular toothbrush is just as good as a power toothbrush.

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But in general choosing a toothbrush with an angled head, soft bristles and one that is ADA approved is just as good a bet as any.It is important though to maintain your toothbrush. You must replace it every three months or after you have a cold or illness. Brushing The Right WayIt is important to brush your teeth every day. If plaque remains on your teeth for long periods of time, say within 24-48 hours it may harden into a substance called calculus which may result in gum disease or tooth loss.

Once calculus forms only a dental hygienist can remove it.That is why it is important to brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste.Of course, there is a correct way to brush your teeth.

Move in a slow motion, making little circles with your brush and try not to squash your bristles against your teeth.It is also important to floss because your toothbrush can’t get into all of those tiny spaces between your teeth.Did you know that failing to floss leaves 35% of your teeth unclean? So take the extra time to floss and speaking of time, how long is long enough to brush?You should spend 2-3 minutes brushing each time to effectively get your teeth as clean as they can be.Eating HealthyEating healthy is not only a way to diet or keep yourself in good shape, it’s a good way to keep your teeth healthy.Every time you have a snack that contains sugar acid from the sugar attacks your teeth for up to 20 minutes.And so you might be asking, well, how can I avoid eating so much sugar?By cutting down on snacks and sticking to just your regular breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals then you can cut down on a lot of.

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