Take The Lead Review essay

Delaine volunteers to host the detention when none of the teachers want to be there stuck watching the students. Actor Antonio Bankers stars as Delaine and Academy Award nominated actress Alfred Woodard stars as Principal Augustine James. Also starring as some of the students are Dante Basso as Ramose, who is most famous for playing Ruffs from the movie Hook and Jean Dean as Sash, most known for her role in Step Up. The movie is excellent in that there is a fusion of ballroom dancing that Delaine teaches and hip-hop dancing that the dents already know.

A key element to that are the music producers apart of the film.Aaron “Zigzag” Caiman, a well-known music producer for films and Hip-Hop producer Swiss Beat were asked personally by director Liz Friendlier to do the music. An example of this fusion is that they mixed two songs together “I Like That (Stop)” by Jaw Mill and “You Can’t Take That Away From Me” by June Christy, and created the song “l Like That You Can’t Take That Away From Me”. The song has the feel of both Ballroom and Hip-Hop styles of music. The single that was released to coincide with the film was Take the Lead (Want Ride)” by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony and Wising & Handel featuring Batman Scoop and Melissa JimNZ.

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The music is a major part of the movie. The script and dialogue had nothing too cheesy or corny, which is usually found in movies about high school students. The film is directed by Liz Friendlier and her first. She mostly does music videos for different artists. Even though the cast is mostly of unknown actors, each actor brings something special the characters that they are depicting. Each of the detention students have their own back stories that intertwine within the vie.There are plenty of funny parts to keep you laughing, as well as drama and character conflicts to keep everything interesting. “Rock: Doctor’s note.

I can’t dance, I have a heart condition. Delaine: Interesting man, your doctor. Not many doctors write notes on three-hole paper”. That was the conversation between Delaine and another character Rock, after finding out he would have to dance in detention.

It is one of Bandeau’s best performances to date. The most known scene that people know is “The Tango Scene”. It takes place in the basement of the school before the flooding happened.It is where Delaine dances with his student Morgan, from his own dance studio, to get the detention students to take more of an interest in learning Ballroom dancing, after Cattily, another one of his dance studio students, tells him when Morgan dances “She’s like sex on hardwood”. After that the dance the students are more willing to learn the moves. Mostly the boys because they find out that the girls will have to follow their lead in most of the dances. One thing do not like is that the end left me with some things unanswered because you do not find out who actually wins the ballroom intention.

Hind that this movie is one of the most under rated because it did not get the proper recognition that it deserves. Back when I saw the movie in the theater paid around 7 dollars, now you can buy the DVD from any store that sells DVD’s or with much searching you can watch it on Youth for free. I recommend this film for people who like musical drama films. Warning to parents, some material is not suitable for children under the age Of 13. I give this film a five Star rating.

It is Rated PEG-13 with a time Of 118 minutes.

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