Taiwan see the beautiful view of the Pacific

Taiwan is one of the popular tourist destinations with beautiful scenery, food, shopping mall and other. The motivations that attract a large number of travellers to Taiwan are the natural environment. Taiwan has a lot of natural environment such as beautiful scenery, mountains and there are spectacular rice fields next to the road. When travel by car or bus can see the beautiful view of the Pacific seascape and the golden rice fields, which constitute the unique scenery of Taiwan. Many mountains have beautiful scenery, cool weather and fresh air. Some of the travellers will climb up the mountain to enjoy the magnificent scenery, enjoy the natural beauty of waterfalls and forests.

Tourists can have the best experience in the mountain such as held an overnight campaign, watch the sunrise, sea of cloud and the stars or the Milky Way. When enjoying the scenery on the mountain, tourists can temporarily forget the work, study or other troubles. Besides that, travellers will choose to go to the beach because of the beautiful white sand beach and a beautiful romantic place that attract a lot of couples go there to take wedding photos or honeymoons. Not only that, the beach can also make tourists or local residents feel more relax, happy, eat seafood, watch sun sunset or the night view of the beach, improve the relationship between family and other. A lot of travellers love diversity or enjoy different food and willing to have fun while the tourists travel to a country. Taiwan is a country with many foods because there are many night markets such as Shilin Night Market and selling a lot of different foods or drinks that cause many visitors come to enjoy the food in Taiwan.

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Furthermore, Taiwan’s night market is also a reason to attract tourists coming. Taiwan has different kinds of food such as pearl milk tea, braised pork rice, oyster omelette, fresh juice, shaved ice, fried chicken and other delicious foods. Moreover, the most famous Taiwan food is stinky tofu because have a delicious smell and a unique taste meanwhile some travellers cannot accept this unique taste.

There are also different methods of making stinky tofu such as fried and grilled. Besides that, Taiwan’ fruits are also very popular, especially in the hot weather because the fruits are very sweet and juicy with mouth-watering aroma of fruits, can make the travellers memorable while travel to Taiwan. Tourists enjoy different local foods or drinks can make the tourists better understanding of Taiwan and the tourists will share some experiences or information to their friends, relatives and through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other.

One of the motivations that attract the travellers to Taiwan is traditional festival and culture. Some of the famous festive in Taiwan such as Taiwan Lantern festival is held every year, has becoming the most important festival of Taiwan and attract many locals and tourists visit to make a wish for the new year. This festival is one of the sightseeing activities in order to encourage the Taiwan residents together to celebrate the Lantern Festival. The most anticipated activity of Dragon boat festival is rowing a dragon boat and held a dragon boat race on the same day. This wonderful and flourishing festival is let tourists feel the solidarity or cooperation of the Taiwan and through this festival attracts tourists from all over the world.

Besides that, one of the most interesting facts about the festival is the tourists can make, enjoy and taste the delicious “Zongzi” because this is an essential food of the Dragon boat festival. Moreover, the most popular traditional festival and culture in Taiwan is International Mazu Festival and attracts local residents and approximately thousands of believers to there. The local residents will set off firecrackers, incense, light lamps, pray for the grace of God to disaster consumers difficult. Many interesting activities with held by this festival such as flower parade traditional lion or dragon dance and other special activity.

Another traditional festival and culture in Taiwan include Moon Festival, Taiwan National Day (Double Tenth Day), Tomb Sweeping Day, Ghost Festival and so on.Furthermore, the local residents are very friendly, always helpful and like to talk with foreigners or tourists. Tourists can meet or make more friends with Taiwan’ local residents.

Taiwan official language is Chinese but there is a focus on international language, which is English and the local residents will use English to communicate with foreign tourists. Additionally, Taiwan’s sanitary environment is very clean because local residents have been well educated since childhood. Tourists can see that the streets of Taiwan are very clean while travelling to Taiwan. This is one of the reasons that attract tourists travel to Taiwan because tourists like to travel to a clean country. Besides that, Taiwan is a good security country because local residents very disciplined and comply with national rules.

There are also providing many homestays in order to allow foreigners or tourists to live in a comfortable environment similar feel like the tourists’ home. Moreover, one of the reasons is transportation of Taiwan very convenience to tourists and many type of transport such as MRT, bus, Taiwan railway, high-speed rail, passenger transport, bicycle and other transport. Tourists also can purchase the ‘Easy Card’ to get more discounts. This card can be used in much type of transport, hospitals, tourist attractions, libraries, and some shops.The most important reason that attracts tourists travel to Taiwan is a lot of attraction, shop, convenience store and so on. The attractions in Taiwan include Taipei 101, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and Ximending.

Taipei 101 is Taipei World Financial Center and an outstanding landmark of Taiwan. Taipei 101 has many boutique stores, such as Bally, LV, Prada, Gucci, Cartier, Dior and other. Then, the center has European, Japanese, Thai, Chinese and other international cuisine restaurants. Besides that, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is a unique, art and culture building. Tourists can watch the change of the Guard ceremony every hour and this ceremony is very spectacular or serious.

Next, Ximending is a shopping paradise and one of the Taiwan cultural centers also has a variety of fashion shops, restaurants, clubs and street performances. Taiwan’s skincare stores like Cosmed, Watsons and other skincare stores have also attracted a lot of tourists, especially female tourists. Tourists not need to worry about the price because the price is very cheap and if organized some promotional activities, the tourists can save more money.?


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