SYSTEM INVESTIGATION, DATA COLLECTION AND ANALYSISIntroductionThis chapter will involve investigation of the current system using system analysis methodology. For system analysis, there are various techniques can be used to collect data for instance: interviews, questionnaires, documentation review, sampling and observation among others. However, for this project, I have chosen interviews and observation. This is because interviews gives a high response rate and the respondents give their personal opinions without being influenced by any one. In addition, it allows detailed questions to be asked and clarifications can be made to the respondent.

Observations, on the other hand enables interviewee to observe what the people actually do rather than what they say they do thus getting information that is more reliable.The data collected will help in defining functional and non-functional requirements of the system.PURPOSE OF SYTEM INVESTIGATION AND DATA ANALYSIS FOR ONLINE TICKET RESERVATION SYSTEM.To create a distributed system that will be used by customers. To ensure that ticket reservation is easy and user friendly for customers.

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To satisfy customers need by reaching them at their place for instance accessibility. Reduce the work load of the ticket officers. Provide large number of ticket reservation and cancelation service in a few time. CURRENT SYSTEM DESCRIPTIONINTERVIEWFirst interview was with Hassan Ali, a student who happens to love movies much, he explained that when he want to make earlier booking before the cinema hall seats get occupied in a simple cinema hall just around Ndagani by the name ‘ghetto video show’. He has to pass by the movie and pay to avoid later inconveniences in case of getting late, where upon payment he is given a receipt bearing the seat number this is an awkward way since the receipt can get lost or be stolen by someone else.

He recommended that coming up with an online ticket reservation system will make everything easy accessible and faster.Secondly, was another student and several others who also happens to be using almost the same system as Hassan and they gave almost similar opinion pertaining the existing system and how it would be of ideally how it would be of great help to them. Some also complained about the old system lacking feedback from customers as it is hard to approach the owner directly especially when the complaint is negative about the services of the cinema, unlike the case in online system whereby you can easily and effectively give suggestion to the cinema owners.I also interviewed the owner of one of the most common cinema halls in Ndagani market and he supported the idea that the system will be of great importance in terms of accounting since if one has to pay online it will be transparent to the owner unlike when a staff is hired.

He added that it would ease congestion in the cinema halls, which mostly happen during peak days like when there are international games, which mostly led to damage of cinema property like chairs leading to additional losses. In addition, he added that the system will solve the issue of long ques especially during peak days and in events.OBSERVATIONFor record keeping, the cinema staffs will try to recall and approximate the number of customers who may have attended at the end of the day basing on the total amount collected.

Using a book and a pen, she notes the down the details in general and approximate the money received. However, this method does not allow for accountability and transparency between the staffs and the owners.CURRENT PROBLEMSIn the current salon system, salon owners and clients face the following challenges:The current system still require the owner to use papers for record keeping.There is no suitable platform for every customer to comfortably give their genuine remarks after they have served.Although there systems a few of them lack additional facilities like where the customers can rate a movie after watching and even comment and also give complains to the administrators.The current online systems existing in the market also don’t have attractive layout design and are hard for most customers to understand.SYSTEM ANALYSIS System analysis is the process of collecting and interpreting facts, identifying the problems, and decomposition of a system into its components.

Objectives of system analysisTo provide the assessment of the existing system through the requirements obtained during feasibility study.To help evaluate the possible features that can be included in the system to make it more effective. To provide a statement of the possible required specifications that will be used in system design.REQUIREMENTS SPECIFICATIONA sample of salon owners, hairdressers and salon clients were interviewed and from their responses, it is clear that they need a salon system with the following features:Functional requirementsShould allow clients to registerShould enable clients to book appointmentShould enable cancelling of appointmentsThe system should allow the salon owner to easily control stock Should allow the salon owner to keep recordsShould enable clients to give their feedbackSalon owners converse with the clientsShould generate reportsNon-functional requirementsPerformanceThe proposed system should be fast and efficient.

It can should serve multiple users simultaneously hence a higher throughput and reduced waiting time.ReliabilityThe system shall be reliable; there built-in error detection and correction, the system should not accept invalid inputs. AvailabilityThe system should be web based so that users can access it anytime irrespective of geographical location.SecurityThe system should enable user authentication mechanism and different privileges for users so as to keep the users’ data secure. REFERENCESMR. OSCAR MUGENDI NJAGIADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT OF ESTATES DEPARTMENTCHUKA UNIVERSITY+254 710 141 541MR. BARASAOFFICE OF DEAN OF STUDENTSCHUKA UNIVERSITYMR.

SIGAR OTULALECTURERCHUKA UNIVERSITY+254 727 444 050MR. BARRE OSEWECLUB CHAIRMAN OF TECHNOSCIENCE CLUBCHUKA UNIVERSITY+254 716 411 420APPENDICESDuring the interview, the following questions were asked:How does a customer make an appointment in the salon?How can you be sure a customer who booked an appointment will turn up?How do you come up with a work plan for a day?Which criteria do you use to distribute tasks to your employees?How are you able to obtain sincere remarks from each of your customers?If you get a negative remark, how do you handle that customer?How do you control your stock?Which strategy do use to identify a product or service that is trending?What do you use to keep your business’ records?


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