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Symbolism in The Great Gatsby There are many types of symbolism in the novel The Great Gatsby.

Probably the easiest to recognize were the colors and what they symbolized.The most obvious colors to point out would have to be green and white.Green supported feelings of many thoughts, ideas, and changes that Gatsby experienced throughout the story.It also represented peace and determination.White represented innocence and serenity.

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Another example of symbolism is when Gatsby broke the clock in Nick’s house.This symbolized the factor that time played throughout the characters’ lives. The color green in the story was presented by the light at the end of Daisy’s dock.This color is sometimes used by writers to represent a sense of greed or peace.

The latter was used by F. Scott Fitzgerald to describe Gatsby’s life as peaceful before he reunites with Daisy.If he had learned from this color, there’s a chance that he might have never caused problems between Daisy and her husband and therefore never have been killed.Nick explained this on page 189, saying “His dream must have seemed so close that he could hardly fail to grasp it.He did not know it was already behind him.”Another interpretation of the color green could be “Go”, as in a traffic light.In the story, it could have symbolized how Gatsby should have pursued his dream to marry Daisy at all costs and no matter the consequences.

If Daisy’s dock light had been red, it could have motivated Jay to give up and forget about the past.Instead, the green light gave Gatsby hope that some day his dream might come true.The lead character’s misguided determination inspired by the light at the end of Daisy’s dock, although intended to do well, ended up the reason for his death.The same determination that drove Gatsby to pursue Daisy was also shown earlier in his life.As a boy, James Gatz strived to make himself a better person.

He dreamed of one day becoming a well-known and respected member of society.At the end of the novel after Gatsby was killed, Nick met Gatsby’s father. His father told Nick of how his son had even made a schedule of how to better himself.

The color white was introduced into the novel when Daisy was described as wearing a white dress.The dress showed her as having a pure and innocent personality.It was actually ironic that she wore white because the reader knows of her true characteristics.The white covered the fact that she was having an affair with Gatsby.White can also sometimes symbolize honesty, which is something Nick looked for in people.

The narrator and Gatsby were both honest men and became friends because of it.Nick stopped dating Jordan Baker because she was a dishonest person.This color also showed that Daisy and her husband were both rich and proud of their accomplishments.Another person who often wore white in the novel was Jordan Baker.

The color hid her snobby attitude which was noticed by Nick, the narrator.Nick saw through the mask and no longer continued to date Jordan. The last form of symbolism was shown the first time that Gatsby and Daisy reunited after their five year separation.This reunion took place at Nick’s.

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