Symbolism in Theater and Cinema essay

New inverters are standing in “the shark tank” while pitching their ideas to the “sharks” (the people who can help them with their invention but they only care if they make money so if they don’t help, it doesn’t bother them) Since the shark is an apex predator you could see symbolic sharks in takeovers of corporations where the corporation is dismantled and the employees terminated. You could have lawyers seen as sharks with a no holds barred approach when they cross examine witnesses. These are my examples of hat could the shark symbolize in our culture and society.

Next, if I was going to bring Jaws the movie to Broadway would use the fantasy fiction genre. I would have people dress up in costumes and have an artist make beautiful backgrounds for each seen. I would also spend lots of time preparing my actors making sure they know there parts correctly. I would also include lots of singing and dancing because it is Broadway. By choosing singing and dancing the actor can use there bodies to show a since of motion rather than just saying a bunch of lines but I will include a little of both.

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There are important parts to production when it comes to creating a play. Like started early the actors, the background, music and dancing also the lighting is very important. I would include all of these areas if I was going to do a Broadway play / musical. Expressing the feelings of the play is one Of the most important things making sure gab the audience’s attention right away by using fun colors and amazing ideas to create the perfect play.

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