SWOT It is a reliable and trusted search

SWOT AnalysisAccording to Net Market Shares, an estimate of 74% of the world’s population use Google as their search engine. Google is known as one of the best search engine in the world. It is a reliable and trusted search engine with accurate data. Google strongly embrace its vision statement which is to provide access to the world’s information is one click.

They’re also successful in implying their mission statement which is to organize the world’s information and make it university accessible and useful. The SWOT analysis is a way to overlook the internal and external of business operations. It concentrates on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Google does an excellent job with advertising.

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Google usually advertise through the word of mouth strategy. Google has saved tremendous amount of money from marketing. They have so much recognition in their name that everyone already knows how reliable Google is. They’ve great products and services such as their cars, tablets, and apps. Google is financially strong and they produce about 45.72 billion according to Google News. They’re only in 3.

6 billion long-term debt. Google has partnership with top brands like Android. On top of that, they have their own Pixel 2 which is compared to the Note 8 and iPhone. This will be discussed further more in details during the compare and contrast part. As one of the best search engine, Google still has its weaknesses in other industries. As mentioned before, Google has a lot of recognition in their name. If they’ve any bad headlines, people will quickly make the switch to their competitors. For example, how Wells Fargo created fake accounts and credit cards; this will lead to a downhill for all their products and services.

Google biggest strength is also their biggest weaknesses. According to the Wall Street Journal, 90% of Google’s revenue is coming from advertising. If people stop advertising Google, this will be their downfall. Other than that Google is very successful in their field of operating information. The major opportunities for Google is still growing. They have numerous apps which Google can increase of switching costs by tracking users search histories. This can focus more on customization and personal activity.

They also can add Sticky which is a free chat room. This can make networking easier and people can discuss about the great products and services Google offers. They have created a car called Waymo.

They have self-driving cars that will lead them to succeed in the automotive industry. This can give Google competitive advantage to others car name brands such as Tesla. The bad part of being one of the top search engine is that is comes with threats. Every business has competition but need to prove their products and services are worth buying. Google cannot leak confidently data for future Google products and services. The competitors have this can make this again competitive advantage over them. Mobile computing there are so many different devices and smartphones which compute with Google. Google compete with Facebook, Microsoft which can be a major threat in the future with apps, software’s, and devices.

Compare ; Contrast The purpose of smartphones and tablets are to make our life easier. It seems to be a race with Google and Apple. These companies are both skyrocketing their success. Google has partnered with Android to dominate Apple. Google’s new pixel smartphone is different from Apple iPhones because the design is unique. Google created its own phone with their own apps to increase views and created more profitable revenue.

Google and Apple very competing in the field of developing the greatest smartphone. Google is more affordable than Apple is. Apple is very costly for their products. The major difference through experience is Apple applications are more secure than Google Play Store. The battery for Apple dies very quickly and the Pixel has a fast charging. Google’s Pixel smartphone and iPhone 8 has a lot of things in common. Both of the phones are up to date with technology.

So, they both took out the headphone jack. People will have to use wireless headphones. Both of the phones are water resistant. With the latest security features, both phones allow a fingerprint access to their phone. The phone is both build with a creative aluminum back piece.

Corporate Strategy Google’s corporate strategy is the broadest and is developed with the organization overall mission in mind. The corporate strategy of Google determines not only the scope of the business but also its resource deployment, competitive advantages, and overall coordination of functional areas. Google’s corporate strategy planners are concerned with broad issues such as corporate culture, competition, differentiation, diversification, interrelationships among business units, and environmental and social issues.

Google is undeniable that central to the Internet giant is the need to maintain leadership by introducing new innovations and adapting technological breakthroughs. Google is able to retain and expand its stronghold by cornering diverse technology-dependent consumers. Google further corners these technology-dependent consumers by making other businesses from industries and sectors dependent on its products and services. The result is an ecosystem of varied businesses, brands, and products and services wherein Google plays an influential role. The billion-dollar advertising business remains the fuel that keeps Google running. The strategies involving diversification, acquisition, and vertical industry integration are all sustained and improved to supplement this advertising business.

Google’s business model and source of revenue does not quite impact Apple’s margins given that they are not direct competitors. Apple does not compete on prices and often prefers to keep margins relatively high. However, the fact that Google offers its software for free impacts on Microsoft as it will be able to make more advertising revenue. It makes Google as the dominant search engine when compared to Microsoft’s Bing. This has resulted in Microsoft changing its strategy of crafting more of its own hardware and brand itself as a services and devices company There is an ambiguity in either Google is still operating in a single business. Google explores new opportunities constantly through a solid base of research and development. There strategic global and local acquisitions in digital and traditional advertising. The employees of Google spend 20% of their time working to develop and perfect side projects.

They also encourage innovation and helps Google diversify into previous untapped marks. Lastly, they explore new opportunity constantly through a solid based of research and development. Therefore, to summarize Google is a very successful and one of the best search engine out there. Google is jumping into different industries to compete against some of the top companies in the world. Google is in a race to get the best technology and information.


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