Lowering promises – is where it all started.Promises

Lowering gas prices, lowering taxes, and finding jobs for people – some familiar words we often hear coming from the lips of those who are saying they have a flawless plan for the country. And after being elected to their desired positions, it seems that some of them, once they got to sit like kings on their own respective thrones, had forgotten their promises. Yes, promises – is where it all started.Promises play an integral part in everybody’s life. For example, when it comes to business, business people close deals with handshake, another form of an agreement, another promise.

But today, in this modern world, there is a field where making promises is very popular – Politics. It has become a vital part of a politician’s resource to gain popularity and win votes. Most promises are created to simply gain advantage and later when a ‘convenient time’ comes, they are to be broken. When it comes to politicians it’s like “survival of the fittest”.

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A party that does not make exaggerated promises will appear bland, unambitious, and uninteresting to voters compared to the ones that does. The lying party will be almost or always get elected over the truthful one.“Promises are made to be broken.” It’s one of the most known quotes out there which sometimes used as alibi by someone who wasn’t able to fulfill his promise. Or, just like here in the Philippines, is it the favorite response of politicians who make a lot of promises even do they know too well that they will not be able to fulfill such promises just to win? Specially now, election is now in the air in our country. Just a few more months and the citizens are on the voting positions again.

It was like only yesterday when the officers.

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