INTRODUCTIONFrom really needs this election to run

INTRODUCTIONFrom these days, we can already see that the presidential election is coming without any holding backs. A presidential election that is so important towards our country, Republic of Airlangga, is going to be held in the next few months. In the state of changing and instability, our beloved country, Republic of Airlangga really needs this election to run smooth and make sure that the result will bring this country towards a better future and better welfare. While recovering from monetary crisis in 1998, Republic of Airlangga has to deal with the political instability. Therefore, this presidential election is very crucial to determine where this country will go. As we all know, this election is being held to select the best out of the best candidates to become the President. The chosen President of this country is given tasks, responsibilities, and power to rule over this land and bring this country to the next level of prosperity.

It is clear as crystal that the job and responsibilities of a President is really massive and heavy, knowing the fact that he or she has to control everything that happens in this country.Despite all the difficulties and heavy responsibilities, I, Chialyanti Go, would like to present myself as one of the candidates. I who represents Partai Amanat National, is willing to bare all the heavy tasks and responsibilities and dedicate my life, time, energy, wealth, mind and soul to bring this country to a better level of welfare. Through this proposal, I would like to spell out all the things that I would like to do if I am elected.

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In order to clarify clearly, I divided this proposal into several chapters which will cover all the materials such as current situation, my goals, and of course my policies to achieve my goals. This proposal is written personally and for the purpose of popularizes my strategies. Should there be any mistakes, I would like to apologize in front and make sure those mistakes are not made intentionally. Baring a huge hope that this proposal can be realized in the future, here I, Chialyanti Go, a candidates from Partai Amanat Nasional, presents pure and sincere ideas which are all poured into this proposal.CHAPTER IREPUBLIC OF AIRLANGGA-Current Condition-In this chapter, I provided some personal analysis on the current situation of our beloved country, Republic of Airlangga. The reason behind this chapter is because I think that it is not proper for a President’s candidates to talk about their visions and missions if they do not know the current situation of this country.

Through this chapter, not only I would like to tell you the current situation, I also would like to define where we are as one of the countries in the world. Being the same with other countries, we are also participating in the international matters such as globalization and global warming campaign. With this chapter, I want to define where Republic of Airlangga actually is in the eyes of worldwide. Therefore, after this chapter is finished, we will be able to form plans and strategies in order to achieve the goals which will be elucidated in Chapter Two. 1.

1 Belief System, Culture and ValuesThe country shares land border with Republic of Indonesia at the west (Central Java Province), sea borders with Republic of Indonesia on the north (Central Kalimantan Province) separated by Java Sea and sea border with Republic of Indonesia at the east (Bali Province) separated by Bali Strait and another sea border with Australia on the south separated by Indian Ocean. The whole area size is 47,922 km2. The nation’s capital city is Surabaya, where all the administrative center of the country is located.

It has total population of 35,676,841 calculated in 2004 . The citizen is divided into several ethnic groups calculated in 2003, which are Javanese (79%), Madurese (18%), Osing (1%), and Chinese (1%). The affecting religions are Islam (96.3%), Christianity (2.

6%), Hinduism (0.6%), and Buddhism (0.4%). And the languages spoken are Javanese, Madurese, and Indonesian . Knowing that the ruling religion in Republic of Airlangga is Moslem, the culture and values behind people’s daily activities is Moslem culture. Up until now, there is no significant religious conflict. That is mostly because the role of two major Moslem organizations from our neighbor Indonesia which are based in Republic of Airlangga.

Those two biggest Moslem organizations are Nahdatul Ulama and Muhammadiyah. It is recorded that the followers of them are mostly from Airlangga. Most Airlangga citizens are member of these two Moslem organizations. Therefore, since.

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