Support Worker Job Description essay

Challenging being defined as ‘Culturally abnormal behaviour(s) of such intensity, frequency or duration that the physical safety of the person or others is likely to be laced in serious jeopardy, or behaviour which is likely to seriously limit use o f, or result in the person being denied access, to ordinary community facilities.

‘ (E merson 1995). This role will expectyou to share your skills, experience and expertise to reali se our vision and mission for people with complex needs.Our vision being “a varied and developmental lifestyle for each and every person” our mission being “empow ering people to achieve a lifestyle they are proud of’. To empathise with customers needs and support individuals to overcome obstacles to live the lifestyle they deserve.

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To have high expectations of yourself and fellow employees of what is possible for people with complex needs with the right care and support. To provide a personcentred service led by the customer wants, needs and aspirations and what is valued most by them.To be passionate about customer experience and enthusiastic about sharing your passion with others. To work in an approach that safely meets individuals needs whilst risk assessing situations To contribute to an atmosphere of learning and reflection so that people are unafraid to make or acknowledge mistakes. TO encourage feedback honesty so that you and others can reflect on ractice and continually improve the quality of service offered.To encourage a culture of transparency openness and to value the contributions that can be made to our mission by others whatever their background or experience. To ensure activities safeguard customer rights and provide opportunities to exercise rights. To implement the Service User Plans To ensure accurate records that support Green Light’s legal obligations, audit and quality assurance processes are kept on all professional activities within the Registered Home.

To positively interact with customers and ensure this reflects Green Light’s overall vision mlsslon or people with complex needs.To listen to the views of people using the service, fellow employees and others willing to shar e these to improve the quality of service. To ensure that any breakdown in relationships are quickly reported to preven t this impacting on the positive culture of the customer’s home and team working conditions. To ensure practices meet legislative requirements and are legally and ethicall y sound, reflecting key white papers, e. g.

valuing people, valuing people now, challenging behaviour: a unified approach, The Mansell Report, etc.To support the Registered Manager to ensure the home fully complies with th standards, requirements and recommendations of the relevant regulator Care Quality Commission (CQC) , Ofsted (where post relates to children) The Health and Safety Executive, The Independent Safeguarding Authority Criminal Records Bureau , Environmental Health Agency. To foster positive and open relationships with regulatory bodies and their employees in order to develop and improve standards of care and support.To ensure your practices reflect the General Social Care Council (GSCC) Code of Conduct for employees employers To be aware of the relevant safeguarding vulnerable children/adult practices, olicies and procedures. To contribute to the wider development of Green Light and the implementati on Of its vision and mission. The care and safety and supervision of the people using the service.

The day to day activities in the home are complete including administration and ensure compliance with statutory regulations and company policies and procedures.The cultivation of an environment in which high standards of care and support are provided. To engage the customers to express themselves and take control of their lifestyle. To foster positive relationships with people who are personally or rofessionally significant to the customer and to the quality of care offered. To listen to and to consult widely with significant others and to include them in regular reviews of the Service LJser Plan To ensure any medication is stored and administered according to company policy and procedure, training and pharmaceutical recommendations.Protecting customer confidentiality and ensuring policies and procedures relating to this are understood by those within the Registered Home. Encouraging freeflowing communication between parties involved in the care and support process; customers, their friends, carers and families, Green Ligh employees and health and social care professionals. To professionally represent the team and wider organisation in multidisciplinary meetings, case conferences and formal reviews.

To ensure your own development professionally and thus contributing to the development of Green Light’s services for people with complex needs. To meet with fellow employees at all levels on a regular basis so that information can be exchanged on the various parts of the company. TO ensure the home is safe, clean and tidy and wellmaintained inside and out reflecting high standards. To ensure resources under your control are afe, fitforpurpose and are well cared for by those using them. For example, any vehicles provided for customer and team use. To complete records of each person using the service.To ensure you are suitably trained, competent and confident to fulfil your delegated responsibilities to required standards.

To undertake a share of evening, weekend and sleepin shifts as dictated by customer needs, as reflected in the rota. To respect and maintain the confidentiality, respecting the fact that our business results in access to privileged information about vulnerable people, their families and representatives. To ensure that you maintain personal integrity, can be approached by employees with concerns knowing this will be dealt with in confidence.To share our vision and support our mission for people with complex needs. To maintain positive relationships and high regard for Green Light’s business activities with current and future customers and their representatives and the general public.

Ensure your professional activities and interactions reflects the values and principles of the General Social Care Council code of conduct. Maintain positive professional relations. Attend meetings and training as required. Ensure you have an awareness, observation and adherence of Fire and Health & Safety regulations.

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