Support Bilingual Learners essay

The school policies and procedures are based on the government legislation and are set out in the mission statement and aim of the school. Some of which are: The Midi Independent School adopts a holistic; solution focused approach to the development Of our young people and endeavourers to ensure that they achieve as high a standard as possible. We offer a comprehensive curriculum and care to meet the individual requirements of young people with complex educational needs We also work with students who don’t speak English as a first language or struggle to understand what they need to do in class and the work provided or them.I have worked with these students who require a lot of support and dealt with a lot of patience.

The following is a short account of how is worked with a student. The student when starting the junction project was very quiet and struggled to do his work. He would have to be encouraged a lot to do his work and would need to be explained to in simple as possible words that he could understand what work he needed to do. I would have to do most of the work with him at first until he understood what was asked of him and then with me still supervising him he would do the rest of his work.As time went n he began to talk more and his understanding became improved. We spoke to him in English all the time. What I mean about this is that sometimes people put on an accent or say things a particular way to try to get the student to understand. But for me this seems demeaning.

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If a student is given support and patience to work and understand and develop their language it can have a good impact on the child and give them confidence.This is exactly what happened; the student gained confidence and understanding of the subject, but was still struggling on speaking. But he understood what the questions were asking. Overall the most important thing was that the student was given support and the time, however much, to become better at the work he was doing. 2. 2 There are many theories about first language acquisition and additional language acquisition and learning. The following are what theorist said, Skinner (1957) maintained that language is acquired through reinforcement.This above theory can fit in to what is said about how supported the student who had English as a second language, although was not very confident at speaking it.

This theory shows that as I did that if you speak English, eventually however long it take the student will understand what is being asked of them. Patience is also a main part of reinforcement as someday I felt like it was too much for me to keep repeating myself. But after all it is about the students I work with and giving them the confidence to improve in their learning.

Chomsky (1959) argued that language was far too complex to be learned so competently in such a short space of time When working with bilingual students it is really important that use as simpler words or sentences that allows the student to understand what is required of them in a reticular subject or subject area. An example of this is when a student is doing subtraction or addition they may not understand it when taught verbally but combining verbal with counting material allows the student to work at their work and also at the same time improve their understanding of the language. . 3 Brining everything together in terms Of what theorists say about language acquisition and my own experiences of working with students is that students most definitely need a lot of support in their learning but equally or more important is patience on the part of the teacher and me that teaching assistant, as each student that attends the provision have different difficulties, whether that is behavioral or learning.

Each student has the right to an education, but it must be flexible to support the individual student. This is where we as a staff team need to develop different ways to allow the students to gain an understanding and command to the language. Some will know how to read the language but not be confident in speaking it. But staff needs to be flexible and use different methods to support the students.

The main things are patience and flexibility in support.

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