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I looked on the phoenix connect thinking they could advise me who which organizations are REQUIRED QUESTION 2: Forms Review your reading material, and tell me in your own words the title AND purpose Of each Of the following forms. (a) Which form do you complete to start the process of securing your field experience? Field experience agreement: Is the form that gives the recommendation and expectations of the field Service (b) Which form do you complete at your first day at FEE? Student learning objectives sheet (c) What form do you complete at the end of each week at your FEE?Weekly Activity Log: What was covered that week and the hours that were done that week and hours up to date that have been completed (d) What form do you complete at the end of 15 weeks of FEE? Site evaluation sheet: reviews the information that was reviewed and given to the student (e) The Affiliation Agreement is one form that you do not sign. What is it and who is involved with it? The agency and facilitator or university course of study REQUIRED QUESTION 3: supplemental standards (a) Where are the Supplemental Standards for the Human Service Program located?Bachelors of Science in Human Services Version 5 Handbook Pages 6 ND 7 (b) Why do you think it is important to have standards of behavior in the field of Human Services? Explain. If there no standards of behavior individuals would act any way they please and would not act with professional standards and possible violate the code of ethics (c) What can happen to a student who violates one of the standards? (Be specific) A candidates that do not follow the Supplemental standards can be counseled, remedied, or withdrawn from there program which ever of these actions seem to be appropriate (d) Which Supplemental Standard stands out to you?Why? You must chose at least 1 Supplemental Standard to discuss) 9. The candidate demonstrates a commitment to keeping abreast of new ideas and understanding in the human services and/or counselor.

This field as a profession continues to evolve. The professional continues to educate themselves in the field and new developments and ideas. When you continue to educate yourself you are better CEQ upped to give alternate solutions to the client and help other professionals to realize these options. The main goal is to help the client and other professionals and organizations with a plan and keep fiscal responsibilities in check.

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