Sunflower comprehensive utilization of sunflower disk?including the

Sunflower is one of the most important oil crops in China.The extraction of sunflower seed oil has been in?
dustrialized?but the sunflower disk?straw?seed shell and meal are still not used. With the optimization of technology
and equipment and the maturity of industrialization?sunflower by?product has a very broad prospect of development and
application. This paper introduces the present situation of the comprehensive utilization of sunflower disk?including the
extraction methods of important bioactive substances such as chlorogenic acid?water ? soluble polysaccharide and terpe?
noids. In view of the difficult utilization of sunflower disk by?product in the development of sunflower crops in China?the
medicinal value of sunflower disk and the method of its redevelopment and comprehensive utilization are expounded?pro?
viding guidance for the utilization of sunflower disk.
Key words?sunflower disk?chlorogenic acid?water?soluble polysaccharide?terpenoid?development and utilization


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