SUMMER project would have been virtually impossible. Firstly

SUMMER INTERNSHIP PROJECT REPORTTO STUDY THE IMPORTANCE OF EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT IN J W MARRIOTTSubmitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of Post Graduate Diploma in ManagementUnder the supervision of;Dr. Abhijeet Nair (Faculty Mentor)Mr. Karan Kumar (Industry Mentor)Submitted by;Vaishali TomarPGDM 2016-18PGSF1656 JAIPURIA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, NOIDAA-32, SECTOR 62, NOIDA201309 (UP) ACKNOWLEDGEMENTIt was a great opportunity for me to work with J W Marriott. I am extremely grateful to those who have shared their expertise and knowledge with me and without whom the completion of this project would have been virtually impossible.

Firstly I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to my mentor at J W Marriott Mr Karan Kumar, who has been a constant source of inspiration for me during the course of completion of this project. Sir gave all sort of valuable inputs during my endeavour to complete this project.I am indebted to all the other members of J W Marriott, Chandigarh for their valuable support and cooperation during the entire tenure of this project. Not to forget all those who have kept our spirits surging and helped me in delivering the best.I would like to reward my thanks to Dr. Abhijeet Nair my project guide who helped me in my project of my institute Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida and all the other staff of my institute.

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In spite of their busy schedule they always found time to guide me throughout the project. I am also grateful to them for reposing confidence in my abilities and giving me the freedom to work on my project, without their invaluable help I would not have been able to do justice to the project.The acknowledgement wouldn’t be complete without a vote of thanks to all other people who helped me in one way or the other in completion of this project.

Date: Vaishali Tomar PGDM(SM) PGSF1656 DECLARATIONI, hereby declare that the report entitled “TO STUDY THE IMPORTANCE OF EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT IN J W MARRIOTT” is based on my learning at J W Marriott, Chandigarh.I further declare that this project report is submitted as per requirement of PGDM curriculum, is my original work and based on the findings during the project.This project report would not be submitted in any other institute for any award of any other degree, diploma, fellowship or other similar title or prices.

This project report would not be submitted in any other degree in future and no other person will be allowed to copy from this project in any other form.If I am found to be guilty of not fulfilling the above promises, my submission can be declared invalid and college has the right to reject this report.Place: Date: ……………………… Signature of the Candidate PREFACEThis project report attempts to bring under one cover the entire hard work and dedication put in by me in the completion of the project work on “TO STUDY THE IMPORTANCE OF EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT IN J W MARRIOTT”I have made sincere attempts and taken every care to present this matter in precise and compact form, the language being as simple as possible. I am sure that the information contained in this volume would certainly prove useful for better insight in the scope and dimension of this project in its true perspective.The task of completion of project though being difficult was made quite simple, interesting and successful due to deep involvement and complete dedication of my colleagues.

All constructive feedback is cordially invited. Table Of ContentsExecutive Summary………………………………………………………………………

6 -7Industry Overview……………………………………………………………………….8-7Company Profile………………………………..……………………………………….13-26Job Description….

………………………………………………………………………27-29Analysis Of Job Done……………..…………………………………………………….30-39Summary Of Finding……….

..………………………………………………………….40Suggestion and Conclusion……………………….……………………………….


43-45Executive SummaryEmotional connection an employee feels toward his or her business organisation, which tends to impact his or her practices and level of effort in business related exercises. The greater engagement a employee has with his or her organisation the more exertion they set forth. Employee Engagement likewise includes the idea of the occupation itself-If the worker feels rationally fortified; the trust and correspondence amongst associates and management; capacity of a employee to perceive how their own particular function adds to the general organization execution; The chance of development inside the organisation; and the level of pride of a employee has about working or being related with the organization.The following report investigates about the satisfaction level, the motivation level and the level of effective communication of employees with current employee engagement with the help of a survey research method. After studying this: The entire information gathered is analysed using Microsoft Excel keeping in mind the end goal to get to the level of employee engagement in JW Marriott.

The period of lifetime work as far as loyalty finished up until now. The age of progress comes into picture at that point. Workers needed to change and managers needed as well. Furthermore, on account of that efficiency endured a great deal. Gifted workers were not willing to put extra effort all the more back off in benefit happened. This situation made the prerequisite for something new, and that new was Employee Engagement The Employee Engagement was basic to guaranteeing an effective venture on all fronts as this was an immense business extend for us.

Endeavoring to keep up an abnormal state of employee engagement will dependably have your workers prepared for what comes next. In the current circumstance Engagement is the path toward driving people by enabling them to need to do whatever is critical to ensure the execution and achievement of the business. From the laborers’ perspective of engagement is their attitudinal and enthusiastic state made from experiences saw to be controlled by administration.

These experiences or drivers choose engagement level. By managing these drivers to the positive experiences, pioneers can enable and trademark longing worker to dependably do their best work. Worker engagement administration is an other choice to telling and controlling what specific work should be done, when, at what speed and with what kind of attitude.Employee Engagement is the property of the connection between an organisation and its employee.

An engaged employee is characterized as one who is completely consumed by and energetic about their work thus makes positive move to encourage the organisation reputation and intrest. An organisation with high worker engagement may hence be relied upon to outflank those with low employee engagement, all else being equivalent.To manage engagement one must first define it correctly.Employee Engagement is a person’s level of constructive or pessimistic passionate connection to their association, their occupation and their partners. Managers must convey and lead their employee towards the objectives of the organisation. Organisations and leaders must set forward clear dreams and objectives.

They have to support the spread of this vision to this organization. A noteworthy test for HR today is the means by which to draw in and eventually hold representatives especially in the midst of a financial downturn. It is not any more adequate to do every day routine procedures for the working of the organisation.

HR Management today includes huge numbers of the subjective and questionable ideas like Employee Engagement.Fulfillment when evaluated as sentiments of vitality, excitement and positive, powerful states turns into a feature of engagement. Association responsibility is a vital feature of the condition of engagement as it is certain connection to the bigger hierarchical and measure as an ability to apply vitality in help of the association, to feel pleased as an association part and have individual ID with the associationINDUSTRY OVERVIEWHospitality industry comprising a hotel ; catering Industries is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. In the global contest to the sector has witnessed booming growth in the past decades or two especially after the opening of the economy. Besides India with its reach historical past ; varied geographical locations like hill stations ; beaches has always been a very attractive tourist destination. Efforts by the Government to promote India as a prime tourist destination in the world as paying dividends ; there has been a definite increase in the volume of the international tourists visiting the country.

More encouraging has been the steady growth in the number of Indian travelling within the country both for the pleasure ; business as fall out of the increasing levels of income ; education. All these have augured well for the hotel industry which has grown tremendously both in terms of capacity ; service. Hotel caters to different categories of client ; therefore the industry offers services varying from the super deluxe category to budget category. The hotel industry includes leisure ; travel industries as well as food ; catering business.

The industry is still evolving in our country ; has a huge employment potential. Intact, supply of trained manpower in this sector is far below the demand. Few prospective jobs are that of Chefs. Restaurant Manager, Captain ; Stewards. Banquets, Housekeeping, Sales ; Marketing, Front Office, Guest Relations, General Managers, Head of the departments, Finance ; Accounts, Travel related services, Hostess, Maintenance ; Engineering, Event Manager etc.

There are broadly five facets of Hospitality Industry:1. Tourism Management: Tourism is the temporary, short-term movement of people to destination outside the places where they normally live and work and their activities during the stay at each destination. It includes movements for all purposes. Tourism management is the profession of providing positive and successful experiences for such travellers and for the businesses who cater to them.2.

Hotel Management: Hotel Management involves combination of various skills like management, marketing, human resource development, financial management, inter personal skills, dexterity, etc. Hotels are a major employment generator in Hospitality industry. Work in the area of Hotel Management involves ensuring that all operations, including accommodation, food and drink and other hotel services run smoothly.3.

Event Management: Event Management is the management of events starting from conception to reporting and evaluation. Event planners execute all details related to a variety of meeting formats including seminars, conferences, trade shows, executive retreats, incentive programs, golf events, and other programs.4.

Convention Management: Some industry experts consider conventions to be the fastest growing segment of the tourism industry. Special events and conventions are being recognized as great income generators for a community. A Convention Planner is responsible for some of the most significant details of a convention, like securing an event location, but also for the smallest logistics, such as printing an event program. Convention Management and Planning involves coordinating with many different people, maintaining a tight budget and effectively marketing yourself and the event that you are planning.5.

Resort Management: A program that prepares individuals to plan, manage, and market comprehensive vacation facilities and services and related products. It includes instructions in hospitality administration, hotel/motel management, restaurant and food services management, facilities planning, leisure studies, recreation administration, marketing, recreation equipment and grounds operations and maintenance, business finance, insurance and taxation, event management and guest services, personnel management, travel and logistics management, safety and health services, professional standards and ethics, and applications to specific vacation types and locations.Classification of Hotels: Since Hotel Industry plays a major role in the hospitality sector let us classify the hotels on the basis of some major parameters.On the basis of the service levels hotels can be classified as: a) Budget: A budget hotel is one with limited amenities at a lower average price per night generally suitable for low cost travel for backpackers and young people.b) Luxury : Luxury refers to combination of facilities and style and something which one don’t normally experience at home.

A luxury hotel is a hotel that is upscale and typically costs more than the average accommodation.c) Suite: A suite in a hotel or other public accommodation, denotes a class of luxury accommodations, the key feature of which is multiple rooms. Suites offer multiple rooms, with more space and furniture than a standard hotel room. A suite will include a living or sitting room. Kitchen facilities are also added in many suites.2.

On the basis of theme the hotels can be classified as:a) Boutique: Small but exclusive property that caters to the affluent clientele with an exceptional level of service at premium prices. Typically boutique hotels are furnished in a themed, stylish and/or aspirational manner. Boutique hotels also known as Design hotels are often individual and focused on offering their services in a comfortable, intimate, and welcoming settingb) Heritage: Heritage means that it is related to the history. Heritage hotels are generally some old palaces, mansions, bungalows or some other historical places converted into hotels for guests.

c) Ecotel: Ecotel is a new concept in hospitality that claims to work for environment protection and preservation. They recycle things, ask customers to reuse towels, etc. All eco-certified hotels must pass a detailed inspection and satisfy stringent criteria designed by environmental experts.

3. On the basis of the Target Market, Hotels can be classified as:a) Commercial: Commercial hotel is a hotel for transients that caters esp. to salesmen (as by providing rooms for the display of samples).

These hotels are in business and downtown areas, which is where most of the business travelers stay, as well as those just passing through and need a place just for the night.b) Resort: A resort hotel is typically in a vacation (resort) area, and caters mostly to vacationers, especially on beaches. A fashionable hotel in an area where many people go for recreation.

Their goal is to provide every service their customer requires or desires on site.c) Convention: Convention hotel is a hotel which provides facilities and services geared to meet the needs of large group and association meetings and trade shows. Typically, these hotels have more than 500 guest rooms and contain substantial amounts of function and banquet space. It’s a hotel designed and catering to trade shows and corporate events with adequate conference and display facilities. Departments In Hospitality IndustryLet us understand the different departments that run the entire Hospitality Industry.

These are the pillars on which the concept of Hospitality stands.Housekeeping:Housekeeping is more than just how to use a mop and broom. This department is responsible for cleaning and maintaining hotel premises which include public area, guest rooms, lobby, swimming pool area etc.

generally this department is not visible to the guest. It works for guest satisfaction working round the clock to keep the environment clean and hygiene. This department works to give pleasant look of the hotel to the guest.Front Desk:A front office is the area of a business where clients and employees interact. It is the most important department of the hotel.

The main function of this department is to give warm welcome to the guests. This is the first department where guest comes in contact with. It generates the maximum revenue for the hotel as it sells room to the guests. Food ; Beverage: It is a department which serves food and beverage to the guest in a very attractive and pleasing manner, which creates good impression on the guest. The food and beverage division is responsible for all of the dining rooms, restaurant – bars, bars, the galleys (kitchens), clean up and provisions.

Engineering:This department provides the day to day basic utility services, electricity, hot water, air-conditioning and other services and is responsible for repair and maintenance of the equipment, furniture and fixtures in the hotel.Health/ sports/ recreation:The main purpose and motive of this department is to provide health and recreation to the people. With the increasing need to concentrate on the health issues, many hotels have come up with health gyms, spas, swimming pools, sports areas like billiards, golf etc. The aim is to provide a healthy environment both to the guests and the employees.Safety/ security:The security of guests, employees, personal property and the hotel itself is the foremost concern for the hotel. In the past, most security precautions concentrated on the prevention of theft from guests and the hotel.

However, today such violent crimes as murder and rape have become a problem for some hotels. Unfortunately, crime rates in most major’s cities are rising. Hence today security department also concentrate on these additional criminal activities too.Although there are many more departments working backend to keep the hotels running, these are majorly the departments that cluster under the hospitality.

What is the importance of Hospitality Industry in Human Lives?Hospitality affects the customer satisfaction levels. Better the quality of services, more satisfied the customer feels.Hospitality Industry has grown vastly in the last few decades with more private players entering in this sector indicating the ever-increasing scope for the diverse hospitality services, and the employment of different professionals & personnel.

Since the employment prospects are varied and extensive, there is rapid career- growth with abundant money and freedom, in almost every kind of hospitality service.A good hospitality management can also affect a country’s image as it tells the quality of a service of a country. Globally, we need to share best practices for training and retention and make industry sponsored educational programs more readily available to employees at every organizational level.Hospitality Industry captures major tourists and business markets by ensuring that the tourists get physically energized, mentally rejuvenated, culturally enriched, spiritually elevated and ULTIMATELY feel it from within.When a company is looking for a place to relocate or to grow its business, many variables are considered. One such variable is quality of life.

Quality of life is measured primarily by three factors: housing cost, education quality and cultural amenities. The hospitality industry underpins those cultural amenities that other businesses find attractive. The hospitality industry plays a significant, supporting role in these business dealings. Companies in the industry help enable others to do business hence fuels the economic growth.COMPANY OVERVIEWVision: To be the world favourite travel company. Mission: To enhance the lives of our customers by creating and enabling unsurpassed vacation and leisure experiences.

INTRODUCTIONJW Marriott was founded in 1927 and founded by John Willard Marriott was an American entrepreneur and businessman it was started with Root beer stand in Washington. JW Marriott is part of Marriott International’s luxury portfolio and consists of exceptional properties in gateway cities and distinctive resort locations around the world. These elegant hotels and resorts cater to today’s sophisticated, self -assured travellers, offering them the quiet luxury they seek in a warmly authentic, relaxed atmosphere lacking in pretense. JW Marriott properties artfully provide highly crafted, anticipatory experiences that are reflective of their locale so that their guests have the time to focus on what is most important to them. Currently, there are 4000 JW Marriott hotels in 71 countries and 146,000 associates ; by 2016 the portfolio.

JW Marriott Chandigarh is the luxury address in Chandigarh, the city beautiful. Excluding elegance and craftsmanship, the hotel is centrally located within close proximityto the airport and the railwaystation, in addition to the Business District-sector 17 and the Information Technology Park. Chandigarh, being a gateway city, provides access to key tourist destinations of North India.

Conceptualized around the five elements of nature, the hotel iselegance personified. The grand entrance makes for a spectacular welcome with beautifullycrafted water bodies and flaming torches. With the simple use of natural materials like travertine and timeless sycamore wood, the interiors of the hotel exhibit welcoming warmth, use of natural materials, resonates with the urban planning of renowned Swiss architect Le Corbusier who designed Chandigarh. The hotel spells understand luxury, offering 164 spacious rooms, including 4suites and 1 presidential suite elegantly designed in a unique open layout. In keeping with tradition, the culinary experience at the JW Marriott Chandigarh is an extravagance of flavours and finest delicacies. The food is authentic, true to the local culture and crafted to suit the refined palate.

Multiple dining options include Saffron(fine dining Indian Cuisine), The Café @ JW (Global Cuisine), Oregano Restaurant; Bar (Italian Cuisine), Chandigarh Baking Co. ( Deli ; Patisserie), The Lounge, Whiskey 111- Bar. The Grand Ballroom has a majestic ceiling height of over 6 metres, adorned with crystal chandeliers. The available area of 16500 sq. feet includes indoor and outdoor space for meetings and banqueting facilities making it an ideal choice to host elegant weddings, social events, meetings and conferences. Other facilities include Business centre, a full service executive lounge and the award winning Quan Spa, an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation.

So whether travelling to Chandigarh on business or leisure JW Marriott Chandigarh is always a luxury destination.MARRIOTT BRANDS Recently it has take over Starwood. Marriott is having 30 Brands.Objectives1) To analyse how much the workers are motivated working in the hotel.2) To determine the relationship between the management and the workers that is to find out whether the managers are approachable to the associates.

3) To determine how much the workers are willing to do overtime that is work extra hours in the hotel.4) To analyze the views of the workers of the JW Marriott in terms of how much they are happy working there in the organization.Scope of the projectThe topic in this is Employee Engagement in Marriott. In this period of globalization and industrialization, where there is a large scale of rivalry in the corporate world at domestic and also worldwide level, new human practices has turned out to be extremely fundamental for the survival of business. An organisation that tries to develop and extend must be in harmony with the changing needs of the surrounding. Employee engagement is the most recent human practice which has been actualized by every single organisation of the world.

By connecting with employees toward the employments, organisation expands their efficiency and in addition productivity too. Hospitality Industry is one of the most established exchange tries on the planet. Presently a day this industry growing quickly and creates work for the nearby individuals everywhere scale. Today human personality has an inborn bowed towards travel. Throughout the hundreds of years, travel has created for business, wellbeing, social, and social reasons.

It is an essential segment of the tourism business. The friendliness business is a comprehensive term for Hotels and sustenance foundations. It is a piece of a more extensive administration industry where individuals make the administration involvement with particular abilities to produce income.

The essential goal of this is to characterize the term worker engagement in setting of Indian accommodation industry and how successful it is, in the present focused condition. Subsequently the dialog of this venture is connected with idea of worker engagement and its impact on drawing in the employees of hospitality industry in India so as to accomplish the organisation objectives and targets.Activities of employee engagementEvery company does some activities so as to engage the employees because to gain competitive advantage a company must possess an engaged workforce having a creative thinking doing extraordinary efforts.

Marriott also does some engagement activities to enhance their level of employee engagement. The activities undertaken by Marriott are-AAW (Associate appreciation week), Trainings, Departmental meetings, Open door policy, Internal transfers/ Promotions, Expresso with GM, Associate meet, Associate/Executive/ Manager of the month, Standing Ovation, Chak de GSS, Thank you Cards, High Notes, Exit Interviews, Family Day. If you ask an ex- Marriott the one thing he remembers about Marriott-I’m sure that the answer will be AAW. JW Marriott Chandigarh celebrates Associate Appreciation Week.

A Marriott Global initiative to celebrate for and with the employees. JW Marriott Chandigarh celebrated Associate Appreciation Week in May 2013. The initiative was an outreach week long program that Marriott celebrates every year and marks the anniversary of its founding, by setting aside a week to express appreciation to their family of associates who play an essential role in building enduring relationships externally and internally.a) Internal Transfers and promotions-Marriott provides opportunities to its employees to grow while you work in the organization only. After successful completion of 1year in the organization, the employee is free to apply at in any of the Marriott. Whenever a vacancy is out, it is displayed on the notice board of HR under the section- Post Vacancy Advice and is also exhibited in the daily rehearsals. b) Expresso with GM-As the name indicates express, it is a kind of forum in which all the employees sit with the GM and share all their (good and bad) experiences, and also discuss any problem that they are facing. It is an open forum for all the associates in which the heads of the departments are not allowed to attend that. The GM of JWMC ( Mr. Dilpreet Singh) strongly feels its importance and he knows that there are some things which cannot be shared in front of the department heads. These meetings are held once in every two months.c) Associate Meet-This meet is held once in a month in which the GM of JWMC discusses the balance score card, the overall guest satisfaction score and all the positive and negativesof the company with the employees. In short, we can say he does the performance management of the company for the following month i.e. what were our targets for the month and what have we achieved.d) Associate/ Executive/manager of the month -These reward are given in the associate meet only. The breakup is 4+3+1 i.e. 4 associates of the month, 3 executives of the month and 1 manager of the month. This is just a way to give to give recognition to the employees for the extra hard work that they do or any extra ordinary work that they do. This gives them a motivation to work more and inspires other employees to work more to achieve those rewards. Along with the certificate, a gift voucher is also given to the winners.e) Standing Ovation – This is also a type of reward to the employees and more or less similar to the above. In this the heads of every department have to write a story about any extraordinary work that any of the employee does (instead of just nominating as in above). And then that employee will be rewarded in the associate meetf) Chak De GSS- GSS – guest satisfaction survey- it is a type of feedback form given to the guests when they leave. The scores of this survey are calculated every month and are discussed in the associate meet. Chak de GSS indicates to raise the scores of guest satisfaction. And in the feedback form the guests have to write the name of the employee whom they think was the best and accordingly the points are given to the employee. These points are calculated and gifts are given during the redemption of the points.g) Thank you cards – these are given by the department heads to their employees for thanking them for all the work they do and they also mention what they like the most about the employee. These are given during AAW mostly.h) High Notes – It’s just a substitute to thank you cards given by one employee to another. Wherever you find any employee going an extra mile for the guest, or doing any extra work that is beyond his/her job responsibilities, a high note is given to the respected employee stating the name of the giver, to whom it’s given and the reason for givingi) Exit interviews- These interviews are taken when the employee leaves the organization. This helps in knowing what are the loopholes in the organization that led him/her to leave the job and then the company can work on that loopholes so that it can improve on that area and the second employee doesn’t face the same problem.j) Family day- It is celebrated once in a year. On this day, every employee can bring his/her family to the organization and tell them the work they do, the place where they work. There are refreshments served for the family members and the day is celebrated with a great joy. The family also can meet the GM. In short, it’s a fun filled day.k)Employee Relations Line-Marriott’s guarantee of fair treatment-Open door process that gives its employees access to management has always been a cornerstone of the company care and fair treatment offered to all employees. The process is designed to allow the employees to share an issue or concern affecting them or their work environment. Whenever possible, employees can talk to their manager or department head first. If the matter is not resolved, they can bring the issue to attention of human resource department or general manager. If still not resolved or they don’t feel comfortable speaking up in person, they can call the employee relations line (ERL) toll free, any time, and at no cost.The 10Cs of employee engagementConnect-Connect is termed as the relationship between the employees and the management. If this connect got fractured, then no kind of financial incentive or perks will persuade the employee to perform the best job.Career- Managers should give employees the work that they love to do and that challenges their skill sets and ultimately lead to various growth opportunities. No one likes to do the same job repeatedly. Therefore, rotating the jobs can create more interest and enhance the confide4nce of the employees.Clarity- Leaders must make the employees clear about their jobs. They should be aware of their duties and responsibilities and also know about the goals, mission vision of the organization and also the goals that department heads have for the division.Convey- leaders should properly convey and clarify their expectations from the employees so that they can work accordingly. The leaders should also give timely feedback that encourages them to master important tasks facilitating goal achievement.Congratulate- Congratulate is giving feedback to the employees in both the cases- when their performance is low & also when they perform above the expectations.Contribute- People want to know that how their input is affecting the revenue growth of the organization. It can be easily viewed in hospitality industries but not in industries like retail. So, Performance Indicators i.e. how well the company is doing with its employees, customers and investors is important to take into account. The employees should have a clear cut connection between their work Control-Employees value control over the flow and pace of their jobs and leaders can create opportunities for employees to exercise this control. Do leaders allow their employees to take part in setting goals for the organization & making important decisions? Do employees have a say in organization? A feeling of being involved in the organization creates trust and a best work culture, it also have a positive effect on engagement & performance of the organization. Collaborate-When employees work in teams & have a good bonding with their team members, they excel individuals & team that lacks good interpersonal relationships. Surveys indicate that being cared about by colleagues is a strong predictor of employee engagement. Credibility -It is the duty of the leader to maintain company’s reputation and ethical standards. They should make the employees proud of their jobs, their performance so that they love the organization. Confidence-A leader should create confidence in the company by maintaining the performance and ethical standards. Gaining competitive advantage also results in engaged workforce.Why employee engagement is important?Research shows that organisations with high levels of employee engagement are more efficient and effective, and that highly engaged employees:Are more customer focused, find they are more creative at work, and take less time off sick;Care about the future of their organisation and put in greater effort to help it meet its objectives;Feel proud of the organisation they work for and are inspired to do their best and motivated to deliver the organisation’s objectives. As a potential employee, what most attracts you to an organisation? One which values you and invests in you right from the beginning, involving you in shaping the future, ensures you are treated with respect, stretched and rewarded, where you are part of the team, no matter how different you are from others around you.1. Employee Engagement Can Help Your Cause MarketingEmployees who are engaged at work will be more than willing to help out when the company they work for pursues a noble cause.2. Better engagement means better productivityWhen employees are engaged at work, they feel a connection with the company. They believe that the work they’re doing is important and therefore work harder.3. Engaged employees are less likely to quitRelationships reduce the risk that If employees feel needed and wanted when they go into work each day, the connections they form with the company and their other co workers are not easily eroded. By cultivating and maintaining these your employees will quit.4. Engaged employees are positiveWorkers who feel disconnected and disengaged are more likely to have negative things to say about your company. If a disengaged employee leaves or is fired, they are able to vent their frustrations on any number of social forums and sites.Because negative feedback tends to be magnified more than positive, your company’s reputation and credibility could be damaged due to a single disengaged, disgruntled employee.Conversely, engaged employees are positive and have enthusiastic things to say about where they work. Whether they are bragging about their job to customers or simply telling friends and family how much they enjoy working, employees who are engaged will help spread good news about your company.5. Employees feel satisfied when they’re engagedEmployees who are engaged at work feel satisfied with their careers and are generally happier individuals than employees who aren’t engaged.It’s important to remember that boosting employee engagement isn’t simply about creating more productive, robotic employees and increasing profits. Employee engagement is advantageous for both parties and should be treated as a two-way street.One of the biggest advantages to increased employee engagement is that you’ll be surrounded by happy workers who enjoy coming to work nearly every day. Engaged employees are cheerful employees.6. Engaged employees are more philanthropically mindedEmployees who are engaged at work want to know that the company they work for cares about the community. If the company encourages volunteerism or provides matching gift or volunteer grant programs, engaged employees are more likely to take advantage of these opportunities to donate their time and money toward worthy causes.By creating an atmosphere of corporate philanthropy, you can not only help employees contribute to non profit organizations, but you can also help them feel more engaged and fulfilled at work.7. Engaged employees are better communicatorsEmployees who care about their jobs are more effective communicators with their co workers, leaders, and customers alike. Disengaged workers may mindlessly go through their day without remembering any of the conversations that they had (if they had any at all!).Engaged employees, however, will engage each other in stimulating discussions that could turn into productive brainstorming sessions. Incorporating a culture of employee engagement can not only help employees connect with one another, but it can also help create new innovations and ideas.8. Engaged employees are more creativeAll of the conversations that will spring up within your company because of increased employee engagement have the potential to make your employees more creative.Disengaged employees rarely produce new solutions or bring innovative ideas to the table; they have little interest in contributing to the bigger picture or being creative with their job.Engaged employees, on the other hand, find creativity to be essential. They thrive on knowing that they can find new ways of completing tasks and projects and are always looking for fresh takes on old ideas.Employee Engagement survey in JW MarriottEmployee engagement surveys are being done in almost every company to assess their level of employee engagement and how they can improve their level. With the help of this survey, the company can know about its loopholes (in what area of employee satisfaction more work is required.) Marriott also conducts its own Associate engagement Survey. It is conducted across all Marriotts globally .The Marriott International gives a certain set of questions that has to be filled by the employees of all the hotels under Marriott International. It is a 5 days event. In JWMC, for all the 5 days there were different themes in 2017 (1st day- Goa theme, 2nd day- Sarkari Daftar theme, 3rd day- Gangster theme, 4th day Politician and 5th day Wellness theme) and all the HR people have to dress up accordingly for the respective theme. An X-box was also setup for the employees and refreshments were also there on all the 5 days. Services offered by Marriott• EventsSocial events – Wedding, Fund- raising parties, Sports groups, Anniversaries, etc.Event planners available that will help you to plan that special occasion.• MeetingsGlobal conferencing, small to grand scale conferencing centers.• Special and packages offersLast minute weeked packages, design your own trip.Competitors• Taj Chandigarh• Hyaat Regency• The Lalit• Hotel MountviewHierarchy First there is a General Manager then after GM , Asst. of GM then Under Asst. of GM there are 3 Director which are Director of Operation , Director of HR , Director of Sales ; Marketing after Director there is Manager then Assistant Manager then Executive then Associate. The flow of communication is then can talk to anyone directly Associate do not need any permission to talk Director he/she can directly talk to Director. JOB DESCRIPTION ; KEY RESPONSIBILITIES• To prepare Daily Rehearsal – It has to be made daily one prior day so that they all the departments discuss in the morning. It contains Service note, weather report, thought of the day, health tip, training topic of each department, which manager is on duty , any employee birthday , Any appeal , Rank of JW Marriott Chandigarh , post vacancy , any event or any celebrity is coming.• Coordination in different department of employee training – I had to go daily in each and every department of the hotel to check what is the training topic of the each department and who is giving the training and how many associates are present during the training.• Planning and coordination for associate related activities – There was so many events happened when I was there like – Associate meet, AAW (Associate Appreciation Week) which is of 5 days. I had to plan and give ideas about the event how it can be done perfectly. Apart from that every Thursday there is a activity which is named as Thursday tehelka so I have to plan it and organized that what we could done to engage employees.• Preparing follow up presentations – I had to make presentations after the events like if there is any activity happened like cleaning activity or any event or any activity then I had to make presentation for that.• Auditing of different department for cost determination – There is a budget which is set for the organization of cafeteria. The cost was exceeding the budget, so they assigned me a task so that they can set the budget again. I had to check how many people are coming and from which department and how many outsiders are coming for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the cafeteria.• Coordination in recruitment process of summer trainees –To conduct interview for the trainees like if the interview is for marketing department or any other department who will take the interview. To update their information in the excel sheet. And to make certificates.• Pre-employment reference check – When the candidate is selected after that I need to call the candidate and ask them for 3 reference numbers of where they have worked before after that I need to call to those people and fill the reference form according to their answers.• Post-employment background verification check- In this I had to send the emails of the selected candidate information to the FADV company that is First Advantage Data Verification. Marriott have a tie-up with this company and this company will check all the information about the candidate like if there is any criminal record of the candidate.• Personal file auditing- There is a file of every employee of every department in which I have to ensure that their documents are complete or not according to the check list like their education certificate, medical certificate, payroll sheet, appointment letter, ID proofs etc.• To check grooming standards – Daily I had to go on the round and check whether the employees are properly dressed up or groomed. • To make posters • To prepare stipend sheet of trainees in excelROLE OF AN HR IN HOSPITALITY INDUSRTY• Employee engagement through different activities• Participation of each employees• To assemble ; communicate all the paperwork related to the employees and departments• To ensure each department treat employees equally• To understand problem of each employee and take some suitable to solve the problem• To design the Payroll• To take Interviews• To allot the trainees in various departments according to the need• To do reference check ANALYSIS OF JOB DONEQ1) I receive useful and constructive feedback from my supervisors? Frequency PercentageStrongly agree 23 46Agree 25 50Neither agree nor disagree 2 4Total 50 100 Approximately 96% of the employees receives valuable feedback from the employees in which 46% find it very useful that helps in their development in the organization. And 4% may or may not find it valuable or that can give any profit to them Q2) My managers treats all his/her employees fairly? Frequency PercentageStrongly agree 26 52Agree 22 44Neither agree nor disagree 2 4Total 50 100 It can be clearly indicated from the above table that 26 out of 50 employees feel that there is no discrimination being done in terms of caste, religion etc. and they are treated equally in the organization, 22 employees agree and 2 employees don’t want to share this or they might have not faced any situation like this before in which their supervisor have to choose amongst employees.Q3) The organisation respects all its employees? Frequency PercentageStrongly agree 39 78Agree 11 22Total 50 100 As is portrayed from the graph, none of the employees disagrees from the statement that they are being respected in the organization. Therefore, it can be said that the organization respects all its employees and the employees are happy to work there and they feel respected and recognized in the organizationQ4) The organization values the contribution I make? Frequency PercentageStrongly agree 20 40Agree 22 44Neither agree nor disagree 2 4Disagree 6 12Total 50 100 As is depicted by the graph, 6%employees feel that they not being valued in the organization that is not good for the betterment of the organization and this can lead may be the reason of retention rate in the organization. And cumulatively, 84% employees thinks that their contribution is being valued.Q5) I am paid fairly for the work I do? Frequency PercentageStrongly agree 29 48Agree 19 38Neither agree nor disagree 5 10Disagree 2 4Total 50 100 Only 2 employees out of 50 thinks that they are underpaid and this may be because of several reasons- their friends might be getting more pay for the same work or high expectations etc. But around 50% are highly satisfied with their pays and approx 40% are satisfied. Because in Marriott gives a lot of perks to its employees also i.e. 6 offs a month, 50% discount if you dine in the hotel, 25%discount in the room rent etc. Q6) Senior management is genuinely interested in employee opinions and ideas? Frequency PercentageStrongly agree 20 40Agree 27 54Neither agree nor disagree 3 6Total 50 100 It’s a thing to be proud of that none of the employee thinks that they are not listened in the organization. No doubt there are 6% of the employees that are neutral on this statement and the reason behind this is-a) non attending departmental meetings, b) doesn’t find departmental and associate meets valuable so don’t want to speak or give opinions in that meetings.Q7) My benefit plans are comparable to those offered by other organizations? Frequency PercentageStrongly agree 24 48Agree 26 52Total 50 100 It can be clearly said from the results that each and every employee in the organization is happy with their benefit plans. The benefit plans provided by Marriott are easy to understand and employees find them very useful for eg- Provident Fund, Insurance (you, your spouse and 2 children are insured under). This helps in increasing the engagement level in the organization.Q8) I feel physically safe in my work environment? Frequency PercentageStrongly agree 18 36Agree 25 50Neither agree nor disagree 7 14Total 50 100 36% of the employees strongly agree that they are safe in the organization and the work culture is also safe and protected and 50% agrees whereas 14 % of the employees are neutral on the statement..Q9) The organization provided as much training as I needed? Frequency PercentageStrongly agree 19 38Agree 31 62Total 50 100 Training in Marriott is considered as part and parcel for the organization Regular trainings are provided in Marriott say it be15 minutes training, 45 minutes training, and it is compulsory for every employee to attend every training once in a month so that none of the employee is left behind who has not received training and he/she can better perform his/her job.10) I am willing to give extra effort to help my company succeed? Frequency PercentageStrongly agree 20 40Agree 27 54Neither agree nor disagree 3 6Total 50 100 According to this 40 % and 54% of the employees strongly agree and agree with the statement that if the organization requires them for additional efforts, they are ready to help the organization separately. This shows that the employees are committed towards their work and are upbeat to be in that organization. Extra efforts shows additional time for work. Accordingly employees are the strength of Marriott.SUMMARY OF FINDINGSThe positive facets of JWMC are• The employees are happy with the benefits plan they are getting for example:- Provident Fund, ESIC ( Employee Security Insurance Corporation) , They give sick meal to the employees who are sick and not coming to the organization they send sick meal to the employee’s house so that organization connect with the employees emotionally. • Good measure of preparing is bestowed to the representatives• Employees consider the feedback valueable. • They give appropriate regard and acknowledgment to the workers (as there was 100% positive reaction for that)The Overall Satisfaction Score for the JWMC is 94%. In this manner, one might say that around 94% of the employees of JWMC are effectively engaged and just 6% are less connected with and 6% is a significant low score that can be effortlessly worked upon. Suggestion• Trainees who joined the organization should be treated properly in all the departments because they are also the part of the organization.Conclusion• The main objective of Employee engagement is to ensure that the employees are highly satisfied and motivated in the organisation which would lead to a happy work environment and eventually lead to greater productivity. Hence, the employment engagement surveys or activities should be conducted or organised by highly skilled people of the organisation. The employment engagement activities should actually help the employees to be involved in the organisation. Repeatitive activities should be avoided.• Hence, the Employment Engagement activities should ensure that it gives pleasure and motivation to the employees and the employees must believe that the engagement surveys and the activities are done to benefit the employees. BIBLIOGRAPHY• ••••• What is your Gender? • Male• Female2. What is your Age?• 20-30• 31-40• 41-50• 51-603. Are you satisfied working in the organisation?• Strongly Agree• Agree• Neither agree nor disagree• Disagree• Strongly disagree4. I am willing to give extra effort to help my company succeed?• Strongly Agree• Agree• Neither agree nor disagree• Disagree• Strongly disagree5. I receive useful & constructive feedback from my supervisors?• Strongly Agree• Agree• Neither agree nor disagree• Disagree• Strongly disagree6. My manager treats all his/her employee fairly?• Strongly Agree• Agree• Neither agree nor disagree• Disagree• Strongly disagree7. The organisation respects its employee?• Strongly Agree• Agree• Neither agree nor disagree• Disagree• Strongly disagree8. The organisation values the contribution make?• Strongly Agree• Agree• Neither agree nor disagree• Disagree• Strongly disagree9. I am paid fairly for the work I do?• Strongly Agree• Agree• Neither agree nor disagree• Disagree• Strongly disagree10. Senior management is genuinely interested in employee opinion & ideas?• Strongly Agree• Agree• Neither agree nor disagree• Disagree• Strongly disagree11. I feel physically safe in my work environment?• Strongly Agree• Agree• Neither agree nor disagree• Disagree• Strongly disagree12. The organisation provides as much training as I need?• Strongly Agree• Agree• Neither agree nor disagree• Disagree• Strongly disagree13. My benefit plans are comparable to those offered by other organizations?• Strongly Agree• Agree• Neither agree nor disagree• Disagree• Strongly disagree


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