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Obama plan to rate every college and university to then give out federal financial aid depending on how those ratings are. Although, no one is certain how the government will go about rating the schools, what is certain is that many colleges and universities are worried because this plan may affect them drastically. The government is already giving out about $1 50 billion to loans, grants, and financial aid every year. If the plan succeeds it will push a lot of schools for higher standards leaving the stakes aside.And if it fails it will penalize the good schools and those who can’t afford college struggling to find options. Obama was presented with a plan to help more students graduate from college and be able to afford it. But Obama denied it saying that students and taxpayers should get more for their dollar.

In this new program he’s suggesting students will know what schools to go to and get more value from it, also it will have schools competing against each other to be the best, and it will reduce financial aid to those schools that don’t have high ranks.This plan will start by the start of the 015-2016 school year. In conclusion, the author states that statistics predict that students will be in even more debt at the rate that everything is going. And that it will not matter if students have a good job when they are submerged in debt. One of my concerns is when the author states that other colleges and universities are concerned about this new plan. If they are concerned about this new plan, then that makes me really uneasy as well.

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“If the scheme succeeds… T could remake the higher education landscape, weeding out the weakest schools and forcing middling ones to improve. If it fails..

. Good schools will be punished and the neediest students might find themselves with even fewer options. “(34) My school at the present moment doesn’t have an expensive tuition. Especially, when financial aid is helping out the students who need it the most. What if this new plan ranks out the university I want to go to? I won’t be able to afford the tuition there because they won’t have enough from financial aid.In addition, the author gives out an example, “the particularly slippery problem of measuring how well a school’s students do after graduation. Rewarding colleges whose graduates go on to have higher incomes, as assured by state wage records or campus surveys, could have the effect of punishing schools..

. Whose graduates pursue important, but lower-paid careers in teaching, therapy, the arts or social work. ” it’s just say that this is true. I have a friend who is going for teaching.Her school will obviously get affected because most of the students that go for teaching go to her university.

What’s to compare what a teacher does to what a doctor does? Both careers are very important as the author states. But why should the ones who are going for a doctor’s career should be helped any more than the one who is going to be teaching. Obviously, most of the students who go to a really good school like a private school are because they won a scholarship or they can afford it.Not everyone is in those same shoes, many students have to struggle to be able to afford the tuition.

In conclusion, I don’t agreed with this new plan that the president is offering. If the predictions are correct, then we are heading for a deep hole and it will be hard to fix. Schools should just remain as they are now. As the author stated, the future generations will be covered in debt.

There is nothing good about being submerged in debt even if students have a good career.

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