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Summary of research findingsAfter conducting my primary research I have found all the necessary data and I have analyzed those in the form of graph. Finally I came to a decision that my hypothesis matched properly. Before conducting the survey my expectation was that, “older people tend to trust less in online banking system but on the other hand younger generations have trust in online banking system” and after analyzing data I found my data analysis result matched with my expectation.

From the very first question I have noticed the difference between the two groups regarding trust issue and as the questions got deeper their differences were getting bigger.As I have targeted two different groups for my primary research, I got two different viewpoints from the groups. Though in some answers both younger and older generation responded simultaneously and the difference rate was not that high but most of the answers differed from each other and in some difference rate was very high. Basically their answers differed on the basis of trust issues. Due to security issues, having proper knowledge on information and technology or some myths &scandals; younger generations tend to put their trust in the system and on the opposite side older generations didn’t. In my one survey question I have asked them that, if recent scandals and bank forgeries effected their trust issue or not; and in answers most of the young people answered negatively.

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So, the difference was clear.Finally, it can be said that most of the young people had firm belief in the system but older generations hadn’t. May be age could be a great factor behind it but according to the survey responses age was not the only factor; there were many other factors as well.

ConclusionOnline banking system is relatively recent phenomena in Bangladesh, so most of the people are not still aware of it, especially the older people. As a result a huge portion of the older people don’t have proper knowledge about the system and this lacking of knowledge makes the older people feel less comfortable with the system ; also make the system less trustworthy to them. Younger people on the other hand, have their trust in this new banking system. They find it very easy and comfortable. So, both the government and the banks can come forward to make the whole system more trustworthy and clear to the older generations.

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