This inn and noticed he was dead..

This story is about a boy named Jim Hawkins who lives at an inn that his mother and father run and watch over. So one normal day, a pirate looking man walked into the door for somewhere to stay in for a couple of nights. This pirate looking man was called the captain {Bill}, because he never told the Hawkins family what his real name was.

So every day the inn family would provide him with food and shelter and Rum. He would always drink to much rum and he would become every drunk and inconsiderate of others. Jim’s father was getting very sick as the cold winter came along and working so much while running the inn. He soon died and his wife and child had to take care of the inn by themselves.

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A day or two later Bill the captain had a stroke because of the amount of rum he had drank while he was with the Hawkins family in their inn. Soon as the captain kept on drinking he soon passed away.When he died, Jim and his mother look for a key to open his suitcase which they think they can get their money that Bill had owned them cause of his stay at the inn and the meals they provided for him. The found some interesting things in his ripped coat such as the key which they were looking for, and other materials that shipmates carry with them. They also find a letter, and a treasure map, which they decide to take off for a journey to find the missing treasure that no other pirate or other human-being has come before. While on the road on the start of the journey they notice a lantern shinning about a decent couple feet away coming toward their direction. They were also looking for Bill’s treasure map that someone had given him to look for the treasure, but soon stumbled upon him when they walked into the Hawkis inn and noticed he was dead..

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