Summarizing while also making the spine more

Summarizingthe journal articles I have researched and collected, scoliosis is basically amedical condition in which sideways curve of a person’s spine is present.

Aswhat I have read, there are mild cases in which the curve is C-shaped and severecases have S-shaped curve. It appears to involve hereditary factors or it maybe caused by neuromuscular conditions. It may progress and affect thefunction of internal organ systems and occurrence of back pain. Biomechanical influences may have asecondary effect on the possibilities of curve progression (Machida, 1999). Italso tends to limit freedom of movement, particularly in twisting and bendingof the trunk which affects performance in one-sided sports, like tennis,badminton, table tennis or throwing sports, while also making the spine more proneto joint strain.

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The practice of physical and sporting activities (PSA) isnecessary for children because it allows cardiovascular and proprioceptive improvementas well as reinforcement of the deep spinal muscles (Von Strempel et al., 1993;Fayada et al., 1999).

Physical activity is very necessary and desirable in thedevelopment of children and their musculoskeletal system, but it requirescertain efforts and is not harmless, so upon the doctor’s recommendation, itmay be discontinued or limited in the event of specific health condition andparticular diseases. In patients with a high risk of scoliosis progression, itis recommended to avoid competitive activities with a higher degree of mobilityof the spinal column.  The backbone confers body symmetryand directions of movements. It surrounds and protects our systems ofcommunication and makes it possible to both mobility and stability.

In thecourse of growth and development, affected by various internal and externalfactors, various postural disorders may occur, especially in school agechildren ranging from 12-14 years of age, affecting girls more than boys at aratio of 2:1.


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