Her hitting on her. He was at Rosie’s

Her words rang in his head as she spoke with kindness, just like he remembered her to. He misses her. Hannah Baker.

He fell in love with the summer she moved in, but that was 2 years ago and now he will never get to see her again. WIth what she did 2 weeks before he received the types with her last words written on them. He listened to her as she joked about not being here, with him. He couldn’t believe the words he was hearing.

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He thought he would never hear her voice again. He went to his friends house to borrow his Walkman. A hand-held carrier for audio tapes. Tony gave it to him and Clay carried it around listening to the words of Hannah. This is the reason she swallowed those pills.

He walked the streets he walked everyday but with a different reason today. When he woke up he never thought he would hear Hannah again, but he was wrong. She said each tape had a person who made her do what she did and that whoever received the tapes, was on them.

He started to panic, what did I do? How did I make her kill herself? He didn’t know what he did but he wanted to know. He felt sick to his stomach as he listened to each tape. 1. Justin: 1st kiss…

snowball effect2. Alex: listed Hannah in the "who's hot and who's not list"3. Jessica: her 1st friend, but later betrays her4. Tyler:a boy who stalked her and took pictures of her5.

Courtney: a classmates that "uses" Hannah6. Marcus: Valentine's date went bad at Rosie’s7. Zach: A student Hannah thinks is hitting on her. He was at Rosie’s during the Valentine's day incident.8. Ryan: printed Hannah's private poem without permission Clay listened to everybody's tape waiting to hear his name.

He walks out of Rosie’s, the place he listened to the last 2 tapes. He hears his name being called out by Tony. He walked over and Tony said to get in the car, so he did.

Tony asked what tape Clay was on, he told him. Tony sighed, and demanded he listen to the next tape,.

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