Substance Abuse essay

A person ay end up becoming an alcoholic because they feel their life has no meaning after being divorced. The same is true of someone who faces the death of someone close to them. A rough childhood can definitely cause a person to be overwhelmed by substance abuse because they want to do whatever they can to forget about the experience they have gone the rough. Predisposed disposition happens to babies mostly because their parents were under the effects of substance abuse while being pregnant which puts the baby at risk for it as well.

I think the treatments for substance abuse include: support groups, medications, and decoding the system are by far the best ways to deal with substance abuse. Support groups help a person by showing that they are not the only ones going through the effects of substance abuse. Medications aid a person by numbing the urge to use certain substances. Decoding the system is the best way because it helps a person to get rid of the tolerance their body has gained from the substance abuse.

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The strength of this viewpoint is that many people would use the information but the weakness is it is not really as theoretical because it has molarities to other viewpoints. Chose the psychodrama view which states that people with substance abuse have extremely high dependency needs. This view declares that when parents do not gratify their children’s nurturing needs the children tend to grow up depending on others for support and comfort. In school there are many peer pressured teenagers who need to choose whether or not to participate in the use of drugs or alcohol.

A child who has not had enough support from their parents tend to fall into peer pressure more than kids who eve supported their children. Therefore, a child will do whatever it takes to be accepted by others even if it is using drugs or alcohol. The person will then most likely develop a relationship with that particular substance. Some psychodrama theorist also think that people with this type of childhood develop a “substance abuse personality. ” This personality is usually people who are antisocial, depressed and more dependent.

However, a weakness in the psychodrama viewpoint is that although theorist see a similar rationality trait in people who participate in substance abuse there is no concrete research that a particular trait is the main reason for substance related disorders. The psychodrama view recommends therapy along with drug focused interventions such as regular urinalysis, drug counseling or methadone maintenance pharmacopoeia for podia dependents. Brief therapy is recommended for patience with substance abuse also after they are clean or free of substance abuse.

The coloratura viewpoint states that a person will see peers or family embers use or abuse drugs and this is how they become curious and then can become addicted. The coloratura viewpoint uses treatments such as self-help programs, cultural- and gender-sensitive programs and community prevention programs. The positive side to this is the programs can be very helpful and do wonders on a person’s life the down side is getting the person to go to the meetings; they are not mandatory meetings unless ordered by a judge. With this type of treatment the person has to want to change for the meetings to be effective in the person’s life.

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