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One of the girls is AP with the miseries of poverty. One of the boys has inherited his father’s disease e and has stunted growth. Another student is sitting unnoticed an play outdoors. The donations given to the school in the form of pictures, paint inns and maps are meaningless for the children. They exhibit the and the privileged while the children in the slum have a future that is sealed a ND confined to the slum. Their future is dark and limited. The don only add to the frustration of the children.

They are tempted to attain what w old be unattainable for them. The only hope for them is the sup people like the governor, inspector or an influential visitor. The children in the slum can progress only if they are given good education and the into a world of opportunities and progress. The poet also states that history is made only by those people who have the power of knowledge. He letting the children into a free world of opportunities would release them fro m the suffocating, wretched life in a slum. SAT TOEFL Student Digest

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Scholarship India Career Watch Question and answers IQ What is the theme of the poem ‘An Elementary School Classroom in a slum (NAS) In the poem, Spender depicts the pathetic life of slum children who are victims of government apathy. He presents social injustice an that prevails in society. The poem is a bitter criticism on the State Of education in elementary schools in slum areas. Q. What picture of the slum children is depicted in the poem? (NAS) The slum children in an elementary school look pathetic. Their hair are lie eke wild weeds.

They are undernourished and diseased. They are narrow cramped areas closed in by a grey sky. Q. What do slum children receive as inheritance? (NAS) The children inherit their parents’ poverty and disease. A boy has twists d bones like his father. The slum children inherit the diseases as to inhuman dirty cramped conditions. Q. Explain ‘far from gusty waves’. (NAS) ‘Gusty waves’ represents energetic children who are like strong waves. The slum children are unlike the usual children. They are u miserable. Q. What is the comparison drawn with squirrel’s game?

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