Stupid Girls Pink essay

Stupid Girls Pink The song “Stupid Girls” by Pink is a powerful song which describes the way the the media portrays women in our society.

“Stupid Girls” provides her fans wit powerful and positive message that women should not change to fit into the s tankards of society and should instead choose power and respect over using their body y to get what they want out of life. All the things they want to get out of life should be from hard ark and determination.Not from flaunting their bodies to others to receive something in return.

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The media gives the girls a negative image and that everything has t o be fake to be able to fit into what society “requirements” are. The line “What ha opened to the dreams of a girl president ? She’s dancing in the video next to fifty cent” signifies that women who act like this only help to strengthen the misconception that womb n are sex symbols and not determined, serious or intelligent.Pink is a strong independent .NET women that has not used her looks to get what she wants out of life and set out to pr ovoid a positive role model for young girls letting them know that they should choose educational toys instead of makeup and Barbie dolls as showed in the video.

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