Studying to pursue the highest level of study

Studying Mechanical engineering has always been my greatest priority right from the first.

And this very deep interest in the subject lead me to pursue my undergraduate study in one of the top ranking university here in my place. This university has very less acceptance rate. I was placed in this university through the common entrance test conducted and i stood among the top 10% of the 200000 applicants (approximately).It has always been my interest to pursue the highest level of study in this diverse department.

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During my undergraduate study here i have been impressed by the diverse subjects thought to me vast subjects like production technology, Solid mechanics,machine drawing. computer aided design and manufacturing. i was this list of challenging subjects and their never ending complexity have brought me a firm desire to pursue myMASTERS in your universityIn my second year the wide range of the subject metallurgy have developed my keen interest on this challenging and immensely diverse subject.

Composite materials wide applications in the modern day society has lead me to opt it as a major project of my undergraduate study which was done in the final year of my course. in my project i have used the powder metallurgy technique The main objective of the project is to develop specimens of Bi-Metal matrix composites by varying the composition of aluminium and magnesium with silicon carbide as a fibre in it by using Powder metallurgy technique. Then the mechanical properties like tensile strength , hardness will be carried out. And the experimental results obtained are compared with the existing Aluminium -Silicon carbide metal matrix composite and Magnesium -Silicon carbide metal matrix composites and its applications are found out. the guidance of my proficient professors helped me understand the concept more practicallyIn the third year of my study, i was introduced to the subject which i always desire and had the highest interest of the whole course.

INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES it was my this interest in the subject which had taken me to lead a team of 5 members and do an internship on engines in TATA MOTORS which isone of the leading car manufacturers inINDIA and understood the working and manufacturing of crdi, tdi,quadrajet engines in detail.Understanding the vast complexity of this subject to understand the complex structures and challenging real life anylasis of the problems have lead me to develop my technical skills CATIA and AUTOCAD . I have also learned programing languages c and c++ out of the whole of my undergraduate study i have come to a opinion that AUTOMOTIVES are suiting to the best of my interest and i am looking forward to build a career on this field in the futureIt was this never ending learning zeal of me, and the most practically applicable nature of this subject developed my interest in pursuing my masters.

i hope my this zeal will go a long way in delivering your curriculum the best of me. As a matter of fact, learning under the guidance of excellent and highly experienced faculty of your university might help me develop further interest to even pursue my Ph.D .As the year’s progress, I believe that the stimulating academic environment, to which I will get exposed to, if admitted to your school, would help me to build my career.


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