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Which of these is NOT known to influence the cocktail party effect? 5. Trainman’s modified filter model of attention suggests that some information passes through, but only after it has been ranked in terms of 6. According to Trainman’s dictionary unit, the lower the threshold of information, 7. Which of the following scenarios best illustrates the notion that our attention is like a spotlight? 8. In your textbook, a study was discussed in which participants were asked to complete two tasks at once or separately, and their performance in both intuitions was compared.

It was found that when they performed both tasks at the same time, they did not perform as well as when the tasks were performed separately. This experiment employed 9. Who developed the feature integration model of attention? 10. An example of a conjunction target would be 11. Localization of function or features in attention processes is consistent with 12. Caretakers et al. (2013) found activity in the global percept. 13. During a task involving a Noticing a red flower among a field of purple flowers illustrates 14.

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Participants in Simons & Chablis’ (1999) study did not notice when a gorilla walked across a scene. This illustrates 15. Participants in Simons & Eleven’s (1998) study did not notice when a person asking them for directions was switched with another person. This illustrates 17. If you had to turn your car wheel left to make a right turn, you would likely get confused. This illustrates 18. The two mechanisms hypothesized to underlie the Simon effect are 19. And Difficulty naming the print color of a word for a different color (word ‘blue’ written in red ink) illustrates 20.

In Strop’s study(1 935) on automatic processing in attention, he found that participants took less time to name colors when the word and color were and more time when they were 21. Processing that is not controlled and does not tax cognitive resources is whereas processing due to an intention that consumes cognitive resources is 22. Perhaps one of the most important ways to turn a controlled task into an automatic one is 23. Clive Wearing lost his ability to form new memories due to damage to his resulting from encephalitis. 24. Memory processes include encoding, storage and 5.

Imagine that you are sitting in class, listening to your professor lecture, viewing slides on the projector that he is flipping through. You close your eyes and see the image of the last screen fade. This is an example of 26. Multiple choice questions are an example of are examples of tests. 27. Tests and essay questions Word fragment test, stem completion test, perceptual degradation test are examples Of tests for memory 28. Which of these is NOT a component of memory formation? 29. Encoding the color of a stimulus is to the that stimulus is to the 30. Memories are called as encoding the meaning of Very brief memories are called _; brief memories are called _; long held 31. Which Of the following is NOT a characteristic Of sensory memory: 32. Which of the following is NOT a feature of short-term memory: 33. Which of the following is NOT a feature of long-term memory: 34. You are participating in a study in which you are presented with an array of letters. However, you are only asked to report the top line of 5 rows (much like an eye exam). This best illustrates 35. Visual sensory memories last for approximately 36. An intermediate memory storage that begins processing of perceptual information transferred from 37. When you were young your teacher likely had you write your name, phone number, and address out repeatedly in order to help you remember them. This rehearsal helped get the information from to 38. According to the study by Miller, the capacity of short-term memory is known as 39. You just recently bought a new cell phone and had to change your phone number. However, your old phone number keeps interfering with your ability to remember your new phone number. This is an example of

You have been working at a bank for the last 4 years, but they recently changed systems and you had to relearn how to perform every task. However, after a while, you notice that you cannot remember how you used to perform these tasks using the old system. This is an example of 41. Old information interfering with the storage or retrieval Of new information is as new information interfering with the storage or retrieval of old information is 42. Being able to recall what you had for breakfast yesterday illustrates your 43. Your memory for the name of presidents or capitals of countries are examples of 44.

Remembering how to drive a car is an example of 45. When you took your introductory psychology course, you likely learned a little bit about many different areas of psychology. However, as you began taking other psychology courses, you likely found that your professors would on information you already learned in your introductory psychology course. Essentially, you were adding new information onto existing information that you already knew. Which of the following is NOT one of Badness’s proposed components of his working memory model? 47.

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