Study (power, renewable energy, laser fundamentals, instrumentation

                                                                         Study Plan

Long term goals:

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My undergraduate studies in
the Department of electrical power engineering at university of engineering and
technology have exposed me to a stimulating academic environment where learning
and research go hand-in-hand. Through the many opportunities I have had here, I
have found that I have a deep interest in research work and a strong aptitude
for the type of problem solving and problem discovery that it involves. I have,
therefore decided to pursue active research in power system automation as a

Immediate Goals:

Within a decade or so, I
visualize myself as a full-fledged research professional in an organization or
a faculty member at one of the leading Universities. I see PhD as a first step
in achieving this career objective. I am willing to do MS as an intermediate

Why power system

I often admire the various
and marvelous science and technologies created by man, and also exclaim the
rapidly changing developments of the city that I live in—-Faisalabad, the
largest industrial base in Pakistan. However, when I further inspect such
progress and development, what I am actually seeing is the backwardness of our
domestic electrical power system, especially the distance of over twenty years
in the electric drive and controller system from the international advanced
level in this professional field. The application of electric system plays a
very important role not only in national production, but also in people’s lives
and other aspects. But it is true that our domestic core technology and
equipment in this field have long relied on the import. This reality forces me
to try my best with a strong sense of responsibility to change the current
situation and devote all I have to realizing the dream of harmonious
development between man and energy resource.

My background and my primary interests:

I have always had an
excellent academic record. I was awarded scholarships at the National level in
the 10th and 12th standards. Due to my keen interest in Mathematics and
fascination for physics, I chose electrical power engineering as my major
field. The excellent facilities, courses and faculty at Government College of
technology have given me a lot of drill in both theoretical as well as
implementation aspects of electrical power. I have completed my undergraduate
studies in Electrical Engineering Technology with majors (power, renewable
energy, laser fundamentals, instrumentation and control, power system
protection techniques) from Government College of Technology affiliated with
University of Engineering and Technology Lahore Pakistan, in August 2017, with
a CGPA of “3.509 out of 4.00”. A master’s degree in Electrical Power system
Automation Engineering field is the next logical step.


1-automatic door:

Smart door system provides
advance automation for owners. You must have seen automatic door openers in
shopping malls, theatres and commercial buildings. These systems are used to
open the door when a person comes near to the entrance of the door and close it
after entered into the door. This project proposes a system of automatic
opening and closing of door by sensing any body movement near the door. This is
achieved with the help of an ultrasonic sensor and aurdino.

2-blutooth control door lock:

The project is about to
create a door lock which can be controlled by Android Application and should be
password protected. The concept is to be independent of others and avoid
waiting at the door step when we came back to home or to avoid the hassle of
going to open the door when someone knocks the door from outside.

Using this lock, the door
lock is under control simply from your existing android smart phone. You can
open it either from outside or inside the home until you are in the range of
Bluetooth connectivity (about 60 feet without concrete) and about (30 feet with

This door lock is password
protected and the user has to provide the correct password to open the door,
additionally a password change facility has also been provided from the android
application, in case the user/customer want to change the password due to any


I have also worked as a
Trainee Engineer in Dera Ghazi Khan Cement Company (the leading Cement company
in Pakistan); my job’s major responsibilities include; Maintenance and
Automation of industry’s power system and machines along with the planning and
the proper allocation of available resources to achieve the smooth and
efficient operation of the plant by conducting routine and reactive preventive
maintenance activities. Here, in DGKCC, I have learned, researched and
practically implemented the applications of electrical engineering in
manufacturing process along with the extensive knowledge of Electrical devices
like relays, vacuum and oil circuit breakers, Programmable Logic Controllers,
Programmable Automation controllers, Human Machine Interface and
instrumentation devices. This short stint has given me invaluable practical
experience. It has given me the confidence to pursue a master’s degree and also
kindled a desire to do research.

Social life activities:


In addition I have been a
student technical
support member of the “(E-Club) Departmental Technical society “for the past
four years. Through its workshops/seminars and publications like the “The speed
wiring, PLC programming skill competition” it has exposed me to a lot of
emerging technologies in the field of electrical power and its automation.

My personality:

By fact, I am socially
active person with friendly nature, a good communicator indeed who is blessed
with many friends. I keep a keen view to the reality of life thus approach
people with positive mind and attitude and always prove to be helpful with honest
efforts and true dedication.I am brave in facing my shortcomings and good at
self-analysis, self-correction and self-stimulation, which has helped me to
become successful in the past and will lead to me to even greater success in
the future. It is my heartfelt desire that I may continue on my path to success
within your esteemed Master’s program.

My study plan at china:

I would like to apply for
the Master’s Degree in Electrical Power system automation in China because from
my past industrial internship experience and my final year project I come to
know the vast practical applications of the power system automation; this
caught my attention and created a thirst of knowledge in me to study my chosen
course. My motto is to work in an international field related to Electrical
Engineering. Therefore, I would like to gain deeper theoretical and practical
knowledge in starting and managing most innovative projects. After I earn my
Master’s degree, I intend to start work on my PhD in electrical power
engineering and its automation. Later I would like to work in the area of
research and development for private industry. It is in research and
development that I believe I can make the greatest contribution, utilizing my
theoretical background and creativity as a scientist.

Why I choose china for my further studies?

Reading the books, watching
the news, analyzing and observing the people of China, I am really impressed by
the way these individuals have proved themselves to be dedicated to their work
and with true efforts they have set China as a successful example for other
third world or developed countries. The fast growing economy, technological
advancement and the global ranking education institutes of China with high
reputation makes a great aspiration to the students and professionals for the
better career perspectives. Thus such kind of positivity has boosted my
confidence further and I am highly satisfied with the decision I have taken.
Moreover, China’s diverse cultural norms and values, the famous gentle hospitality
of its people and Pakistan-China all weather friendly relations since past to
promote bilateral trade , acceptance and peace to both sides in great clarity
make me feel China as my second homeland.

considered to be a game changer in terms of opening vast career and business
opportunities for the Youth of Pakistan in the near future. The CPEC project
will be beneficial for me. After the completion of my study, there are many
opportunities for me in Pakistan because Energy generation will be a major
focus of the CPEC I choose china for my further studies.

Why Beijing Jiaotong University:

The Beijing Jiaotong University,
which I am applying for, enjoys a high reputation in china for its long history
and strong capabilities of science and technology. This university provides its
students with well-equipped laboratories and creates a comfortable condition
and circumstance for scientific researches. I hope that I can have such
opportunity to share this resource, try to study theoretical knowledge well and
put these theories into experiments. With abundant researching achievements, I
will come back to Pakistan to promote her developments in related professional
field, shorten the distance of technical level between her and developed
countries, and thus carry out my own dream into reality.

More importantly, I am
particularly keen on Yang
Shaobing’s ongoing research on Power System Information and Big
Data Analysis, Power System Simulation Technology, Railway Electrification,
Load Modeling Technology and look forward to learning from her and if possible
being a member of his elite team. I am also rather excited about the Electrical
Lab at the University and the excellent infrastructure which would assist me in
my aspirations to carry on my own independent research.


I’ve looked carefully at the
faculty and the available infrastructure. The essence of university education
lies in the success of the symbiotic relationship between the student, and his
department. With your repute in the field of my choice, you do have a lot to
offer me, and at the same time, I am confident of contributing meaningfully to
the research endeavors at your University. To sum up, I have the skill and the
aspirations and now seek the right platform to move towards my goals. And your
university provides me the same.



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