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Student’s Name Professor’s NameCourse DateThe Unlikely DonorA 16-year-old boy is rushed into one of the best hospitals available in the state.

Like in every emergency situation, the doctors rushed to attend to the patient including two doctors who have worked on a number of cases together. The boy is called Jimmy as it was recorded in the patient list and as he is admitted into one of the wards, the doctors find out that the problem with the kid is liver failure. Upon consulting with the worried parents, it is found out that this is the second surgery on the liver that is giving him the pain and numerous problems and its calling for an immediate transplant. It was later realized that this was another surgery that was knocking on this young boy and his life was on a balance as he now lay in bed with 36 hours to live.Among the doctors to be involved in the surgery and the transplant is Doctor Scott who is known to have worked as a cope for 15 years. Being at 45, many find it hard to believe that an ex-cop can actually fit and be ready to undertake the delicate surgery. With him was the young beautiful Beth who had also been in the career for four years now. Hardly had they started to undertake the surgery when they realized the only available liver had been transplanted 5 hours ago to another person and that meant Jimmy had less than 24 hours to live since the report from the lab suggested an immediate transplant.

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Beth being so quick to think and also for being known to make wise decision decided to take her research to another level. She went and researched beyond official transplant list and came up with a donor from online. To everyone’s surprise, the donor was found to be an inmate in one the maximum prison accused of many cases including murder, and rape. To say she got a hitman for a donor, unlikely donor. When she finally said the name, Billy T, the parents were so mad and in turn, declined this choice saying the guy was responsible for the murder of Jimmy’s grandfather. As much as this was the only option they all had, and continuous refusal by the parents on the donor, the situation was getting out of hand.

That’s when Jimmy made it talk and gave the okay for the doctors to go on with the surgery and do the transplant. The doctors had arguments with the parents and decided they will do everything in order to save his life. Doctors Scot and Beth made the necessary and arranged the transportation of the donor to be brought.

It yet caused another drama when it was proven that the donor was unfit since he had an allergic reaction to the medicines used in surgery that might lead to his death. When Billy realized he won’t be able to make things right for the family after killing their loved one, he managed to draw a gun from one of the guards, pointed to his mouth and short himself thus availing the liver for Jimmy.The Principle of NonmaleficenceIn the first case where the doctors Scot and Beth agreed to take the surgery the principle of nonmaleficence is highly upheld. This is due to the fact that they decided to put the life of patient Jimmy and do the surgery despite the protests from the parents. Had they not agreed to do the transplant in the first place, Jimmy could have probably died and this wasn’t going to be shifted as a blame to the parents but rather this two doctors and may be charged for negligence or murder with the conscience. However, a part of nonmaleficence states that there should not be any offense caused to anyone, but in this case, I believe there was a violation of this principle on the part of the parents, but really the hope is that it was worth.

The Principle of BeneficenceDoctors have a way of justifying themselves through employing the conditions on duty of rescue and with this regard, the principle of beneficence would be applied successfully. This is applied when a life of the patient is at stake and the doctors have to make a decision to save the patient despite that decision being against the wishes of the hospital, parents or anyone else. This principle applies best and acts on the fact that any decision made should be done on behalf of the benefit of the patient and later in case of anything, they could thus justify themselves. Nevertheless, the decision to act on behalf of Jimmy showed the work of this principle in this case.The Principle of Respect for AutonomyThe principle of respect for autonomy has an aim of encouraging and enabling the patient to make their own decisions and in this case Jimmy was underage was not in a position to give out a sounding decision since he was to be considered in pain and anyone to in pain is believed to make any rational decision. But still, in this case, Jimmy had the chance to choose his decision whether to have the surgery or not and whether to have liver from the hitman or not but he chose to have the liver and for him, he deep down his heart knew that this was the only way he was to be safe.

Justice principle Jimmy being 16 years old according to the law literally means he is underage and the treatment he will get when involving people of another level like his parents is totally different an equal. This is where the principle of justice comes and it is well stated by the law that people of the level are treated equally and the doctors had to make a decision on what level to choose and make the decision to heal the patient.Virtues and RulesDiscernment which is refers to a virtue that allows the health workers and doctors to remain in their course committed to their work despite all the beliefs that accompany them or their patients? In our case the way Jimmy’s parents believe that the killer of their father would not be the donor of the liver to save their son.Fidelity where it is a rule that requires health workers doctors and all personnel to still be committed to their patients and adhere to their choices and also respect their word. When Doctors Scot and Beth decided to side with the patient, they did not go back on their word and I that case went forward to do the liver transplant according to his decision. Integrity where it refers to a virtue that allows the workers to be the maintainers of their professionalism and not to be intimidated by anyone or be influenced by emotions which later make them go against the wish of their patients. In our case, the doctors weren’t moved by the constant protests from Jimmy’s parents in regard to the transplant of the liver and through this virtue, they were able to save Jimmy’s life. Compassion where in this case, compassion works best since the doctors tried to understand what Jimmy is feeling and they show it clearly when he gives an okay to the transplant of the liver which helps him reduce the pain that he goes through and thus hence saved his life.

Justice and beneficence are the two most relevant principles where the doctor’s obligation to aid in saving Jimmy’s life and the conditions on duty to rescue and allowing treatment of people of the same level together. In closely following the principle of beneficence, the doctor Beth and Scot fulfills each of these conditions and have an obligation to save Jimmy’s life and in the end, relieve him from his suffering. Moreover, if the doctors focus on the justice principle of the above case, he does not fulfill each of these conditions since he failed to listen to the pleas of the parents when they wanted their son not to have Billy T’s heart. If they had, that could have led to other things.The most relevant principle here is this particular case is the principle of beneficence which allows the doctors to fit in the conditions where they are required to do all they can in order to save Jimmy’s life.

They were ready even to go against the management of the hospital when Beth tried to research outside the donors’ list, both of them going against the demands of the parents. All these meant that are in the position to handle all the situations diligently and also be ready to face any consequences that could arise from their decisions.


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