Student’s There have been multiple accidents due

Student’s NameInstitution of AffiliationDateIntroductionThe society has highly been affected by the issue of drivers texting while driving. I the recent years, texting have become one of the major convenient ways to communicate among people. While one sends a message to conveniently communicate with another arty while behind the wheel, they could be risking their lives and those of other drivers and pedestrians. There have been multiple accidents due to cellphone distractions on drivers, which are more than the accidents caused by drunken drivers. The severity of these accidents has prompted many countries to ban any form of cellphone use while driving making it an illegal act (Varley ; Curry, 2011).

This paper will discuss the causes of cellphone texting, the fact that it causes impairment of the driver’s ability to focus theirs eyes on the road and the major consequences. Cellphone text messaging has become the common method that people use to communicate in today’s society. Many people see texting, as more convenience compared to calling, though calling would also not be a preference while driving. It has become common with people to fully indulge in their text-enabled device to check messages, emails and social media messages. This has led to more people to incorporate text messaging into their basic daily activities while occur even while driving. The American Automobile Association studied that Age, peer pressure and culture are other causes.

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The study showed that 46% of teenagers do send text messages and 51% talk on their phones while driving (Varley ; Curry, 2011). This could be due to peer pressure and the fear of not being left out in the culture that the young teenagers have adopted of promptly corresponding to text messages even when driving. Texting while driving has recently been rated as the most dangerous driver distractor because it uses visual, cognitive and manual recognition simultaneously (Neustein, 2010).

Consequently, both texting and driving require concentration where, ultimately, it id the driving that matters cause the driver diverts the attention needed to fully focus on texting. Studies show that teen drivers are more likely to be distracted than experienced adult drivers. Another consequence is that texting while driving compromise the safety of the passengers on board and other drivers and pedestrians on the same road. Any diversion of attention for a few seconds can cause severe consequences.

The ability of a driver to stop suddenly is compromised because their focus was on the texting device and not on the road leading to serious accidents.ConclusionWith all the causes and effects considered, texting is therefore dangerous while driving. Many drivers could be aware of the serious consequences but still do due to ignorance.

Laws have been enforced on ignorant drivers to reduce the mortality rate on the roads.Neustein, A. (2010). Advances in speech recognition: Mobile environments, call centers and clinics. New York: Springer. Varley, P.,; Curry C. (2011).

Texting While Driving: A Law Enforcement Analysis of Distracted Driving.


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