Stress and cons to being stressed. As

Stress is a very important part of people’s lives and with my project, I am going to share with you if stress really does or doesn’t help with your daily work and projects. Stress can affect the body in many different ways and their are pros and cons to being stressed. As well, there are different kinds of stress that I will be sharing with you. There are many different symptoms that happen when you are stressed. These things include low energy, headaches, upset stomach, diarrhoea, constipation, nausea, aches, pains, tense muscles, chest pain, rapid heartbeat, insomnia which means that you can’t sleep, frequent colds, and infections. With children, there can be many behavioral changes. Some can get angry and others demand attention. People can also feel fear or sadness. Some believe that slow breathing can lower the severeness of some of these symptoms. Another thing that can help with you not be stressed is having a balanced life. When the body feels stress, it goes into the flight or fight response. The body then reacts by pumping your heart rate and making your senses more focused. Even though your body doesn’t need these things, you can use them to study harder or focus on your work better. Though you can chanel these things into helping you, the flight or fight response is not good for you when it is not needed. If you are in the forest with a wild animal, you then would probably need this. But if there is a test or assignment then these reactions would not be needed. Chemicals also are released when the body is stressed, which is not good for you. Some of the chemicals can be epinephrine, norepinephrine, and cortisol. These chemicals can make you have biological changes which cannot be seen. Males and females handle and manage their stress differently and they have different reactions when they are under stress. Did you know that women are more likely to report physical symptoms? 49% of women survey that stress has increasing for them over the past five years. Only 39% of men compare to this. Stressful events can affect teenagers differently. Teenage girls report to have more stress. Sites say that girls get better grades when stressed but boys perform better. Another kind of stress is chronic stress. This is the kind of stress when people use alcohol or bad habits to take away stress. This kind of stress can increase the risk of heart rate disease. This is because when you drink or if you smoke, it can damage your artery walls and/or ruin your blood pressure. Some issues caused by smoking can be mood stimulation, smelly hair, poor vision, constricted blood vessels, high cholesterol, lung cancer, heart disease, and cervical cancer. These are some of the many different ways that chronic stress can affect your life. There is another kind of stress called acute stress. This kind of stress can be exciting or thrilling in small doses. Some can suffer frequent acute stress which can make their lives disordered. The people that suffer this kind of stress can be always in a hurry, but they are always late. These people usually have a physiological condition that is made when they have had a traumatic event in their life. Or if they have wittness a traumatic event. This event usually induces a strong emotional response to the person that witnessed it.


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