Stress stressful job condition and personal stress factors.Combined

Stress and the Workplace The health and wellness of employees can either help or hinder the success of an organization.If the employees miss work due to illness that turns into more work for others.

Workplace stress is a major reason for sick leave. Other stressors can be not enough sleep, bad management, thought of losing a job, interpersonal relationships, workload, long work hours and other personal and financial problems that exist at home.Job stress poses a threat to the health of workers which will threaten the success of the organization.Organization’s who provide a stress relieving plan such will have less sick days per year and employ happier people. According to the NIOSH 40% of workers report their job as very or extremely stressful.25% of employees view their jobs as the number one stressor in their life.26% of workers say they are stress and often burned out by their work.

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29% of workers reported that they feel quite a bit or extremely stress at work.Job stress not only leads to sick time but it is also a dangerous hazard to the organization and co-workers.Each individual has their own job stressful job condition and personal stress factors.

Combined together is a big risk of injury and illness.Individual difference is a factor to workplace stress.Individuals can react to the differently to the stressors so a variety ofstress relieving activities should be established. Mood change, sleep disturbances, upset stomach, headaches, short.

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