Stratus Vineyards essay

Third question asked, If Stratus should increase its production of the wine capacity and why? Or why not? Fourth and final question is very interesting as it asks about the future of Stratus and how should they prepare and respond to the future driving forces in the industry as outlined and discussed in the study? These questions will be explained in the paragraphs to come. After seeing the video feel I should go out and buy the Stratus wine. 1. What is Stratus Vineyards actually marketing? Is it just wine?Stratus is not only marketing its fine wine and ice wine it also marketing the technology they use to produce the wine ND keeping with tradition at the same time. They talk about where they came from and what they do. Stratus also boasts about it people and the creativity and craftsmanship they have to make the ultimate wine.

They discuss the diversity of the wines they make and not to concentrate on one or 2 wines. They tie this in to the awards that they and Canada has won over the last years and how they can produce the same wine or better by showing where it is as compared to were the growers of Italy and France grow their grapes.In the advertisement, they compare the wines to fine foods and can SE them to help boast the flavor. Stratus appears to be a proud company and they portray this in the video as well. Lastly, they portray their wine to be an experience not just a wine. They keep it personable to the individual. 2.

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Many Canadians say that they consider “environmentally friendliness” of both the products they buy and the companies they buy them from. So you think this holds true for Wines? Why or why not?I think people that are looking for a good wine do not consider “environmentally friendliness” they consider the taste Of the wine and how it feels against the palette. People that drink wine re about the taste and the process.

In general terms people go for flavor or taste not how it was made. You will have a small number of people that will go for the environmental way but that is very few. This may change over time but Stratus strives to be known for its wine experience and nothing else. 3. Stratus has very limited wine-producing capacity (10,cases per year).Do you think they should increase that capacity and produce more wine? Why or why not? Believe that Stratus should stay at the size it is now.

This company focuses on quality. If they proceed to grow in size they may lose some of the laity to focus on the quantity. This could also take away from people buying their wines as it may lose some of the appeal as people could feel there is so much of it there it cannot be a quality wine it must come off the assembly line like the Volkswagen bug did in the 1950 and sass’s.

If Stratus needs to expand to survive, they should not change the process of try to increase demands in existing production lines. Stratus should look at building other production facilities and purchase land in the areas they are at to maintain the quality Stratus is known for. 4. How should Stratus prepare and respond o the future driving forces in the industry as outlined and discussed in this case? Future driving forces for Stratus is to continue to do what they do now and to keep the rich soil, the right amount Of sunlight and the right site to create one of the world’s best wines.

With today’s market on wine, it seems to be increasing at a very positive rate and the demand for their product will grow. Stratus has increased the variety of wines in the since 2005 (nearly doubled the selection) so increasing further in variety may help Stratus meet the demand for the increased wine drinkers. One of the other things that Stratus can do if they need to increase the appeal of the brand would be to let the public know of the achievements they have in the environment with Lied’s and the latest accomplishment of most recently were accredited with the LAP Designation (Local Food Plus) for both our winery and farm.

Their mission continues. Conclusion: Stratus has shown that you do not need to be big to make it in the wine market place. They have given the information from the video fatwa they offer. They show that they create from the earth and that product is exclusive o what they do and they create a genuine wine experience with what they grow.

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