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Strategy for making maximize the advantages and minimize the disadvantages:                  Now a day to pass along to employees, customers and stakeholders they used technology. But using these mediums although they have some advantages but again, there are many challenges faced by the organization. Following are the strategies I would like to recommend to organizations to boost the boon and reduce the disadvantages of modern communication ways.  1.

     For email create good security policy:Organization have to make some policy that staff should regularly change passwords they use to access your email or IT system, not write them down or share them with anyone else. If we are sending some confidential document as attachment via email, then organization have must check that “tracked changes” and make sure organization sending the email to right person only.  2.     Face to face communication:To reduce this type of communication they company should take care of legal procedure.

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Such as if they are communicating with vendors after face to face communication they have to take written from them as well as give some documentation to them as proof of communication.                                                     3.     Think about audience needs and then talk:It is necessary to think before you talk to the audience, if they are really understanding your communication or not, Specially in face to face communication.  4.     Choose Virtualize communication if needed:There is still some organization exists who are digitally disconnected, they are not using any kind of technology in their communication. So, they should adopt this kind of communication methods in their business communication, which will give them some benefits. The software is not easy to use but if organization get some proper training on that it is easy to use the software in communication.

 5.     Take feedback on time after the communication done:Once the communication is done by the sender (manager), he should take feedback from the Receiver (employee, customer, stakeholder). Whether he understands that message or not? There is anything distraction come in this communication process or not? Whether the receiver is able to understand the language or there is any difficulties he faced in that communication? These are some questions sender have to address the communicating with the receiver.  Suggestions:                   The above strategies if companies using it helps them to maintain their communication process smooth, simple and right way.

       By changing the password regularly to access mail of organization gives security to confidential communication.        The Content of communication should understandable to the receiver.       The above strategies and perceptual model of communication will give organization to track a communication gap and reduce it.  


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