strategy demand of good or services. The best

strategy rest on unique activities:in this section the companies are required to perform better in order to do so they are required to create a unique and valuable product for the company. They need unique set of activities to attract customers. In this article the porter suggest that avoid from copying and to be different the manager of the companies should want to choose a different set of activities and make a unique product for the company and perform different activities from the competitors. To be unique porter has used strategic positioning which has divided into three categories.Variety based positioning:The companies used variety based positioning when they can create a particular product or service to satisfy one common need of a group of customers.

it is based on choice of product or service other than customers segments. In variety based positioning when one company is fulfilling the particular subgroup of product or services in an industry then it is also serving particular subgroup targeted on particular demand of good or services. The best example in article is jiffy lube they only automotive lubricants and they does not offers other car repairs this activity makes them unique then their rivals.Need based positioning:In need based positioning the company serving all or most of the need of a particular group of customers. In this the customers have different needs according to their taste income or lifestyle.

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In this the company serving all the needs of customer of different groups, companies position themselves according to the need of customers. The best example of need based positioning in this article is ikerea this company is tried to serve all the basic needs of customers for home furnishing needs of its target customers who were happy with their trade off service for cost and need stylish furniture and child care center in store.Access based positioning:In this the company segmenting those customers who are accessible in different ways geography’ scale or other different that requires customizing of activities to reach that group of customers. It includes different set of activities to reach customers in a better way. It is more likely to be satisfaction base on its structure. Special need of customer are addressed in distinctive manner.

The best example of access base positioning is unileaver in Indian rural areas where the roads were too poor that car and trucks cannot approach there unilever used group of local people to carry their product and deliver to local people on those places directly.


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