Strategic Management Accounting essay

It is designed to encourage students to develop knowledge and skills that are appropriate for senior management positions, such as financial director, trashiest, management accountant or strategic accountant. Accountants are no longer seen as bean counters but boardroom strategists who play a greater role in initiating and guiding major organization change. Competencies? Learning Philosophy The philosophy adopted in this module, as in all 16 modules, is that you are primarily responsible for your own learning (just as you will be when you leave the University to enter organizational life! . It is the responsibility of the lecturers to provide an appropriate structure for learning to take place, together with incentives through the assessment process. The emphasis in this module is for you to develop the skills necessary to be a concerned, knowledgeable and critical analyst of strategy and management control systems.

To facilitate this, keynote lectures will provide an outline of subject content. But you will only develop the appropriate skills for successful completion of this module by conscientious preparation for, and active participation in, seminar sessions.As the module progresses you will see that questions require you to analyses, evaluate, criticism, as well as synthesis materials and provide appropriate recommendations.

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These reflect higher level learning outcomes and the best means of developing them is through debate, discussion and case study analysis. This will involve your participation and a good understanding of appropriate literature, I. E. The teaching team’s emphasis will be on self- managed study and further reading.

How will this module be delivered?Lectures and Seminars You will be provided with seminar work which will be a discussion question, a case study, a numerical exercise, or any combination of these. It is essential that you come to seminars well prepared to make a contribution. You need to apply effective time management in order to complete the necessary work in the limited time available in the programmer. Normally, students will be invited to present their answers to seminar questions, followed by a discussion of the issues involved.

You should set yourself personal objectives to ensure that you develop the appropriate skills for successful completion Of the module. These might include: 1 . Get involved in discussion: show you have done your preparation and are willing to make an active contribution: Ask a question of another student or the tutor; Restate another student’s argument or viewpoint to clarify it for yourself or someone else who may not have understood it; If a case study is used, introduce case facts and evidence as support for, or contradiction of, someone else’s contribution; Quote a few authors’ contributions to the subject area. .

Take an active part in discussion enter into debate: Introduce an issue, problem, conclusion or recommendation. Based on your understanding of the case facts and your interpretation of how an authority (author or research) might support your view, state your line of reasoning; Sum up the arguments of other students and comment on their line of reasoning – where you support it and where you disagree with it. Use these comments to build other contributions and introduce your own analysis and conclusions. . Present both sides of an issue Discuss both sides of an issue in order to demonstrate that you see both the Strong points and limitations Of the argument. Summaries the discussion and indicate where a consensus has emerged, which issues are still pollarded and where points of view are not yet well formulated. Assessment Type Weighting Coursework: Group Assignment Final Exam The module has a dedicated Blackboard site, which students are expected to access on a regular basis.

The Blackboard site is used to communicate information to students outside of contact sessions. In addition, the blackboard site includes: An electronic (PDF) version Of the module handbook Tutorial work schemes Links to other relevant sites Details regarding assessments Staff contact details used? Students will receive feedback in the following ways: Formative feedback Through seminar discussions and informal presentations, students will chive formative oral feedback from the module tutor and other students in the seminar group.The question-and-answer session at the end of each informal presentation often stimulates further exchange of ideas and learning. Us imitative feedback Individual written feedback will be provided to students following the submission of the first assessment task. After the return of coursework and summation feedback, students will have an opportunity to meet with the module tutor for feedback and guidance. Module Team The module team will discuss any aspect of the module during timetabled sessions. Outside of scheduled times, members of the team may be contacted directly by telephone or email.Tutor Telephone E mail Richard Watkins 01 14 2255068 r.

[email protected] AC. UK Module Title: Strategic Management Accounting Module code: 44-6785-CO Academic Year: 14/1 5 bevel: 6 Credits: 20 Semester: Summer 201 5 Course:BBS (Hon.) Professional Accounting Module Leader: Richard Watkins Module Team: Assessment Method Submitted When 1 . Coursework 31/07/15 2.

Exam Date to be confirmed TO provide students with a deeper understanding of traditional and modern management control theories and practices.

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