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Stranger Things is a 2016 – present Netflix show. That as soon as it came out everyone was hooked on and could not seem to get enough of. Strangers Things is now played all over the world and it is still a Netflix hit series.

What is Stranger Things about, what are the main characters and who plays them, and what period and place does Stranger Things take place in? Stranger Things is set in Hawkins Indiana, in 1983. Getting information from one person or place to another was almost impossible, if they did not live in town. Hawkins was a quiet place where nothing ever happened.

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After an experiment went wrong, the town of Hawkins was never the same. While trying to find out the mystery of Hawkins three kids find much more than just their friend. Some actors that play in Stranger Things are Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike Wheeler. He is a young boy who will do anything for his friends and the people that he loves. Millie Bobby Brown plays Eleven. The Hawkins Lab has done so many experiments on her that she has received telekinetic powers.

She may not say much but will do anything for her newfound friends. Gaten Matarozzo plays Dustin Henderson, a young boy who is smart but at the same time has no clue what he is really doing. Celeb McLaughlin plays Lucas Sinclair, who acts tough but really is not. He does anything for his friends but has a hard time accepting new ones. Noah Schnapp plays Will Byers. Will is a very shy but after vanishing from Hawkins without any trace.

He spends months in the alternative plane called the upside down he’s trapped and hopping that his friends find him soon. He then becomes even shyer and only will talk to Mike bout anything important. Stranger Things is about three young boys that their friend Will Byers goes missing unexpectedly one night. Mike, Dustin, and Lucas start to go look for him by his house. Instead of finding Will they find a strange young girl later to be known as Eleven or El for short. After a while, Mike finds out that El is on the run from “the bad men”.

Will is in the “upside down” a world, their world but darker much darker and a lot more dangerous. The boys find out about the Demogorgon an (animal/ human type creature) is the one that took Will. El stays and helps Mike, Dustin, and Lucas find Will.

They soon find out that El has telekinetic powers. After a long hard process of finding out whom to trust or not. Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and El try to find Will. They discover many secrets and weird things about Hawkins.What will happen to them? Will they find Will or find something even worse? Will the Hawkins Lab be exposed or will it just keep running the experiments? Well if you want to find out you will just have to watch Stranger Things to know the answers.


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