‘Strange is instead moving backwards. The juxtaposition

‘Strange Meeting’ – ParagraphOwen’s poem ‘Strange Meeting’ explores the horrors of war and the devastating effect on those involved. War and death are presented in this poem through the story of two dead soldiers, who fought on opposite sides, and who meet again in Hell.The dialogue “Whatever hope is yours, / Was my life also” shows the similarity of the soldiers despite being on different sides allowing the reader to understand how war is pointless as the only outcome is the death of soldiers on both sides.

The futility of war is emphasised through the use of “retreating world” and the archaic “chariot-wheels” illustrating how the world is not progressing due to war and is instead moving backwards. The juxtaposition of “enemy” and “friend” in “I am the enemy you killed my friend” shows the irony and lack of purpose in war as the former combatants are bound by a strange friendship. Thus, ‘Strange Meeting’ uses the conversation between two dead soldiers freed from war to convey the pointless nature of war.

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