Hadley the night until she reached a large

Hadley shuffled along the shadows of the moss-covered cobblestone alley. She kept hidden from the few people milling around the street; her footsteps made no noise. This was how she liked it, being alone and unseen. She had learned very quickly that this was her only way to survive on the streets, after sneaking out of her awful orphanage. That orphanage was more of a prison to her than a home; Hadley didn’t even want to think about the horrors that had occurred there. She crept her way in the dark of the night until she reached a large brick building. Ivy snuck up the sides of the building, painting the dull, grey building with a slight green hue.

Hadley glanced around her dark neighbourhood. A large figure stood on the other side of the street; their face hidden in the shadows. She was stricken with fear, and as quietly as she could, Hadley walked to the side of the building where the bricks were uneven and jutted out. With ease, she scaled the wall and climbed through her window on the third floor. Her room was small with very few things occupying it: her bed, weapons, clothes, and a few nicknacks.

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Walking across the room, Hadley glanced at her appearance through her dull cracked mirror; she had long brown hair with a narrow, sharp face and a small light frame. Smeared on her cheek was the dried blood of her latest victim. She absentmindedly wiped the blood away and clambered on to her bed. Pulling out her knife, she began to clean the blood off with a ragged cloth..

Today marked her 121st kill; this thought brought no emotions. Overtime killing had become easy, seeing as it was her full-time job; she was hired to assassinate people for a fair price. Doing this was the only way she could survive on the streets and she was one of the best in the business. On the planet of Arboribus, ever since King Howard III came into power chaos has ensued. All he was good for was being cruel and selfish; wanting everything that he couldn’t have.

This has caused many rebellious groups to form, which is why hiring assassins are so popular now. Tomorrow will mark one of the most important days in history seeing as she had been hired to assassinate the king. Completing this mission would give Hadley enough money leave this planet and her murderous life behind, but this was going to be no easy feat. Hadley had been preparing for months and had left nothing to chance. She turned off the lamp and pulled her sheet on her; although she knew that sleep would not come tonight.The next morning Hadley prepared everything she would need for her mission.

Her plan was to attend the harvest ball at the castle, that all the galaxies royals would be attending. This way she would get a chance to kill the king as well as be able to slip away without anyone realizing. Since she was wearing a gown, she decided to take the stairs down to the carriage. After settling down the carriage jostle forward; she let her mind wander seeing as she had a five-hour ride to go.

She decided to go over her fake identity; she would be pretending to be Pandora, the princess on the planet Cibus. Since she had just turned of age to attend the ball so no one would know what she truly looks like. Hadley’s bosses also made sure that the King of Cibus does not attend this year so no one would know that she is an imposter.

She had never been anything close to royalty, nor had she ever even stepped foot in a castle. It pleased her that she didn’t have to stay for long seeing as she would kill him when he changed into his dinner clothes. Hadley was broken from her thoughts when the carriage suddenly came to a halt, throwing her body forward. The door was opened by a boy with short blond hair with a tall muscular body; he wore a suit and tie and had a devilish smirk on his face.

Instantly recognizing him, she stood up and yelled, “What are you doing here Axel!”With a wicked smile, he replied, “I am here to assassinate the king, why else.”Hadley’s mouth dropped to the floor; how dare he try to take her kill. He had been her worst competition and mortal enemy ever since she got into this business.

“Over my dead body,” she snarled out.Axel’s smile grew bigger as he remarked, “well that could be arranged.”Before she could get another comment in, he walked away leaving her speechless. She hated Axel more than anything; she couldn’t believe that both they both had been hired to kill the king. They must think that she would not be able to do it, but she was not letting him have her mission because she needed the money. She took a minute to calm herself and then proceeded to walk into the palace with the grace and poise that a royal would hold. When she reached the gate, there were a few guards there.

One of them looked a little familiar,.

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