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The main idea of Stolen Legacy is to prove that the ancient Egyptian teachings and education was taught to certain historical figures, was then brought to Athens and taught there and then passed of as Greek philosophy, basically Stolen. Men that went down in history as “great philosophers” or “ great thinkers” were the ones that made it seem as if they were creating this knowledge. Men such as Socrates, who was from Athens; Plato, also from Athens; and even Aristotle who was from Greece but was forced to leave when Socrates was sentenced to death.

These men and others went to Egypt and studied with Egyptian priests and students and returned to Greece with these teachings and ideas and passed them off as their own. When Alexander invaded Egypt and destroyed their library the Greeks also got their hands on ancient Egyptian books and manuscripts that way. In reading Greek history there is no known records of the schooling of these Greek philosophers prior to them coming forward with the knowledge that they claimed was their own. All that is ever said is that the probable dates of birth and their probable dates of education. Nothing is for certain. Some of the Philosophers besides Socrates were also tried and put under investigation because of the fact that they introduced new divinities, also known as gods to Athenian culture.

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Proving once again that the culture and teachings of the Egyptians were stolen, there is no way to explain the fact that the Greek philosophers could’ve created new gods. Books such as the peri physeos, which is what the Greeks named it were a great example of teachings being stolen. This was the earliest known book on science and nature. The teachings in this book were said to have been stolen from the Initiates which were Egyptian teachers and students. “Egypt was the centre of the body of ancient wisdom, and knowledge, religious, philosophical and scientific spread to other lands through student initiates”, says James.

One of the main teachings that James talks about in Stolen Legacy is the Egyptian Ancient Mystery System. This was the oldest society in the world. It was like a secret organization where membership could only be gained by a pledge of secrecy. In this organization the uneducated were known as a Neophyte, which was a person who was educated in the ways of the Mystery System in order to gain membership to the secret society. In the schools of ancient Egypt there were certain teachings that were common to all. These were taught in secrecy and they were never and could never be written or published. Those Initiates who did a feasible job in their training would be promoted and given that rank of Master or Teacher.

The only way for the teachings of the Egyptian Mystery System to come out would be if the outsiders were to learn the ways of the mystery system and publish them and spread them on their own. There are other things that Mr. James points out in his book;for instance, the number of books thatAristotle wrote is seen as impossible for one man in those ancient times because everything was written by hand. It is also said that Aristotle taught Plato, but Aristotle was a great scientist and there is no way Aristotle could’ve taught Plato the teachings he taught him if he didn’t even learn those things himself. When it comes down to it even the way that some structures in Athens are built stems from the work and architecture.

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