Stock Market Project essay

The first stock I purchased was Microsoft as a safe investment with low risk. As the game first began to enroll itself, Microsoft became a very profitable contender due to the sharp increase in share prices. I knew the increase would not hold on for long and the stock trend portrayed both sharp increases and decreases in stock prices; this attributed to the selling of my Microsoft shares as an incentive to save any gains I made. Question 2: http://www. Fool.

Com/investing/generational/02/22/is-it-time-to-buy- Microsoft-corporation-stock. AspsMicrosoft Corp.. Is a technology innovation company, which provides goods such as smartness, Tablets, and computers; as well as services which include technical support and Microsoft office.

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Many of these products are commercialese at enormous scale, and profoundly incorporated within the classrooms of school districts around the country. Though mass marketing and product dispersion allowed the company to become as successful as it is today, market trends showed that every two months the company would go into a financial slumps, especially around the time Apple would present new products.Since Apple would not announce their new products until September, Microsoft seemed like a great contender for a safe and beginning investment as they always do around this time of year from April to May. Question 3: “Microsoft (NASDAQ:MISTY’ had a 52 week low at 39. 86 during the Month of February 201 5 due to the lack of corporate income as swell as the loss of consumer interest towards Microsoft new innovative product “Surface Pro” The 52-week high for the company was 50. 04 as the new speculation of Google’s Android section and Microsoft teaming together to produce new smartness.

Though this would only be competitive towards the cellular market, the company has also bought many rights to various prominent video game designers as well as the unveiling of Microsoft office 10. As Microsoft begins to recover from its 3-month slump, many investors also recognize this trend, which also contribute to the increase of Microsoft shares. I bought Microsoft at 41. 48 towards the end of a 3-month low providing a higher chance of share growth in which the stock price would increase by 10 dollars. Averaging an increase Of 2. 04% my revenue reached towards 213 dollars from the 93 shares I purchased.Though the sharp increase in stock price would provide me with sufficient revenue, a change of 3 dollars would to the share would have a loss of 20 dollars.

As the stock price stays around the 47-50 dollar range, I sold it in order to avoid any sharp price fall in which I would loose money rather then gain. Purchase #2 Buying Santa Pharmaceuticals was purposely a risky decision due to their stock market status as “Penny Stocks”. These kinds of stocks are known to Drop and Rise at an exponential rate in a short amount in time. Santa Pharmaceuticals provided me with acquiring a large amount of stocks to enervate large gains.When purchasing a penny stock such as Santa Pharmaceuticals, one can only hold on to that stock for a limited amount of time to avoid great losses from a sharp crash. Held on to the shares until it reached a profit of 1 00, which would provide me with sufficient revenue as well as avoiding further risk.

Http://saleswomen. Com/Santa-pharmaceuticals-corp.-Santa-releases-quarterly- ear innings-results- beats-expectations-by-O-II -peps/242631 / Before obtaining Santa Pharmaceuticals Stock, I noticed that many of the large short-term gains for stock profit were Penny Stocks.The pharmaceutical industry has developed an annual corporate income of 300 billion dollars in which consumers will pay anything in order to protect the health of their loved ones and themselves. Santa Pharmaceuticals announced a new drug along with its paired company College Corporation which provided a study on one of their medications (Reveled) in which it proved to improve health qualities with patients diagnosed with Non-Del-SQ MEDS (Red Blood Cell Transfusion). Such study provides appeals towards the consumers connected to the disease and create a demand.Though it will take several years to remote and mass market the drug, enough hype will be created to raise the stock price due to the ideology that Santa Pharmaceuticals might prod cue more medications for more common and profit encouraging illnesses.

Since there are many companies driven by the same ideology, investing in such would be a high risk yet profitable in the short run. “Santa Pharmaceuticals ((NASDAQ:SANTA)” had a 52 week low Of 1. 85 in April of 2015 and a high of 4. 97 in July of 2014. The Market trend showed a general decrease in stock price; averaging scents a month to the eventual low of the year.From the provided information of Finances. Com, the promising new drug would raise Santa Pharmaceuticals stock by 3% and yield earnings of 100 dollars. The Product has grand potential to push Santa Pharmaceuticals stock towards gains even though the illness isn’t as common as generic illnesses.

Purchasing 1 00 Santa Pharmaceutical shares at 2. 52 was a great risk and an eventual profit of 98 dollars; though due to the small demand for the drug, I sold at 2. 90 and avoided the eventual stock drop nearly 70 cents for the following 2 months. Purchase #3 Purchasing Paramount Gold and Nevada corp.. Ares was another risky investment due to the abundance of gold mining companies who have struck out.

Financially, the company was stable and continually growing. When I purchased Paramount Gold and Nevada Corp..

The stock had risen substantially, yet I still purchased the stock at the second highest its ever been since the 52-week high. As the stock kept on falling, believed that sitting on it would hold its value but consequently had to many losses and decide to sell before lost everything I had gained. Http://www. Marketplace. Com/story/paramount-gold-and-silver-corp.

– 5;04;09-211734956Before purchasing Paramount Gold and Nevada Corp. stock, many of the reports suggested that the mining company was merely holding on rather then growing, given that Max stock high was 4 four dollars in 201 1 and dropped 50% in the given years they have been situated. Based on one of the largest claim holder in mining camps, Paramount is a mufti-million- development company, acquiring many projects such as the San Miguel Gold Project, Max Gold, and The Sleeper Gold Project.

Though the Sleeper Gold Project did not contain any reserves and any plans to drill would be an obstruction to Nature as well as the San Miguel Project.Though these reports are a detriment to the stock price of Paramount Gold and Nevada corp.. The company has portrayed its intentions to put the company at common stocks, which would allow for shareholders to receive more dividends and unlimited claim on the assets of the company’s income. This would provide a safeguard and assurance for investors and slowly drive the market up, which is why I invested a small amount of Paramount Gold and Nevada corp.. Stock. “Paramount Gold and Nevada corp.

. (PEG)” 52-week low was at the 65 cents during the month of November of 2014 while the 52-week high leveled at 1. 8 wrought February of 2015. As the current price per ounce of gold is 1, 188. 35, down from sass’s price of 1 250, many investors have claimed this as the factor as for the decline of the gold market; including Paramount Gold and Nevada corp.

. Though this may be a detriment, the company has sufficed its increased market revenue and increased its available shares to 162. 03 Billion due to common stock. Seeing that the share price would increase due to investor assurance and the rise of price per ounce of gold, I bought 1 ,OHO shares at 1. 20. The price of the stock increased to 1. 4 and only fluctuated between 1.

24 too 1. 5 at a . 10% gain. Though the small increase in share price may have fluctuated between 2 cents, my revenue totaled to around 40 dollars.

I sold it to avoid any uncertainty of crashing, yet only to see the market raise 30 cents. Purchase #4 Buying Entreat came into play as a sure profit investment. At the time of the purchase Entreat was nearly close to its 52-week low and according to the graph trend on Google Finance, Entreat seemed to consistently be in a 2- month deficit before the price on a share increases in value.Thinking that the share would increase due to the rapid increase in value after 2 months, I Hough it would be a safe and sure investment.

Disappointingly, Entreat stayed and only decreased in value while increases were so minimal I lost more profit rather then gain. Http://shenanigan’s. Com/article/31 69586-n étagère-great-company- overpriced-stock Entreat has been a very productive company since the introduction of Wi-If into society. Being one Of the leading providers Of efficient wireless routers, Entreat exemplified profound profit.The Profit and annual income being very slow forced me to sell seeing that 3 months of investing in Entreat would only provide me with minimal Profits and selling early. Though I sold earlier then anticipated Entreat showed promising gains due to the rapid increase in share price after a 2-month deficit.

Strengthening its security network as well as its services, which appeal to the consumers are greatly due to security and privacy concerns. Announcing new products such as the wireless routers to provide a strengthen privacy and network connection, Entreat provided itself with more incentive for its stock to raise its price.Since the earnings would only be so little, I would not only be succumb ant to profit loss, yet also time due to the fact that the bigger games span around 6 months providing me with an incentive to buy a small amount of shares and sell if Entreat stocks fluctuate around a one dollar change for more than a week. “Enticer (.NET)” had a 52-week low of 29. 20 in the month of April 201 5 while the 52-week high was 36.

70 in December of 2014. According to seeking Papa. Com Entreat Was an overpriced stock such as many tech companies who go big and are unable to provide the minimal amount of income such as the newly evaluated Entreat.As of Tech insider and market watch, many have put Entreat on hold of buying. Due to the slow advances of Enterer’s refits one would only make significant gains within the expenditure of 1 to 5 years. In order to maintain Entreat as a safe investment, I invested 80 shares of Entreat at a price of 30. 07 per share.

Due to the fiscal instability of Entreat as well as the lack of consumer demand, the price per share dropped to 2980 along with a loss of 10 dollars. Though a few days later it rose to 30. 99. Inconsistent and dawdling, I sold at 30.

99 with +. 0% only to gain profit of 20 dollars due to the recuperation of my previously lost earnings. Purchase #5 When I purchased Marathon Oil, my expectancy of profit gains would be increasing from the increase of the price of oil. Throughout the time I held Marathon oil stock, the price Of crude oil increased from 55 dollars to barrel to 61 dollars. The increase of Price allowed for Marathon oil to gain Its revenue while continuously raising Marathon Oil Prices. Due to the uncertainty of oil prices as well as the unstable economic foundation Marathon oil has been experiencing the past year, sold when I reached into a deficit from revenue loss. Http://www.

Dustsheet. Com/quote/MR.. HTML According to The Street. Com, Marathon Oil Corp.

. Functions internationally as an energy company. Due to the rapid demand of energy from new innovations and populated environments, the need of Marathon Oil will still be in play; it whether how it will it be in play and for how long.

Increasing capital by 6. 8 million shares per day, marathon oil crop has a market capitol of 20. 2 billion. Though promising, the oil industry can go dry and ruin the company. Although the need for energy is grand, many are referring to alternative energy in order to conserve money and the environment.This new demand forces a different perspective towards Marathon Oil in which whether there will be a big enough demand to increase stock prices. Not only is demand a problem yet also the fact that Marathon oil has declined in operating cash flow to about 6.

02% and a growth rate of -42. 26%. This provided me with an incentive to buy low and sell when the price does not change due to the fact that the price is for sure to drop rather then rise. Question g: “Marathon Oil Corp.. (MR.

) consisted of a 52-week low of 24. 28 during the month of December 2014 and a high of 41. 2 throughout August of 2014. The decline of December put forth a new and staggered fiscal scale for Marathon oil in which the fluctuation of the stock price kept ill persuaded investors to take the MR. seriously. Many of these investors looking towards renewable and expandable energy create a detriment towards the demand for Marathon Oil. As the price of oil drops and rises continually, investing 130 shares at 27. 71 and selling at 27.

41 with a . 08% droplets for me to invest a proportional amount while having the opportunity to sell incase of a large drop in share price.Purchase #6 Towards the end of the game, one of my initial stock buys was Party City Holdings. When I first bought the stock, the company’s revenue had skyrocketed due to their change to going public.

Many took the opportunity to invest in the young company before the stock prices rose again. Though many bought Party City Holdings right after they went public, the purchase of the stock while they were at their high fiscally signified that the company would fluctuate around that price and it would be best to sell due to the fact that my profit gains would be minimal to none. Http://dead I book. Anytime.

Com/2014/01/22/party-city-to-try-again-to-go- Before the purchase of some Party City Holding Shares, I understood that party City was a commercial store located almost in every city providing party odds to almost every special event. Ever year the store not only provide general party supplies yet also for specific events such as Halloween and New Years. Being a time-to-time customer Of party City, it is known how busy and popular the store is throughout Halloween when kids buy very expensive cheap costumes and party supplies over inflated in prices.Though these prices can be burdensome to a customer, millions of people buy from here every year to produce a corporate income of 2. Billions dollars annually.

Knowing that the company is ahead of its league, in party supplies, many days f the years there are no need for party supplies, which would prognosticate eventual sharp gains and losses due to non-continuous revenue. Seeing that many of the market gains party city earns are through a seasonal calendar. Did not invest the Max do to the fact that the stock price would stay about the same due to less demand.Though I may not have earned the ideal profit from party City one can invest right before graduation season for graduation parties, stocks are for sure to rise upon that time.

“Party Hold Inc. (PARTY)” had a 52-week low of 20. 07 in the month of April ND a 52-week high of 22.

60 throughout May. According to Dakota financial news, PARTY is at a status of buy since they are now a new public company With a 26 dollar stock price target set in the future, many of investor’s revenue would see exponential growth as well as a an ideal target due to upcoming holidays.Since I bought the stocks on a non-holiday season did not buy very many.

The 180 stocks did buy had barely to any profit just as I had expected. Though no revenue, at 20. 07 per stock it made an increase of 1.

07% and probably 4% or more during the holidays. Since PARTY is a new public company, many investors will rush to purchase the low stocks while they can, this will eventually hype up the stocks before the holiday even begins and increasing the risk of a fiscal PARTY share crash. Purchase #7 One of my last trades was investing in GOP.

Being one of the most common and now popular camcorders; they are becoming as necessary as phones. I knew that once I bought this stock, had to sell it once I felt like it reached its Max potential or I would begin to loose profit. Though the shares when down 50 cents when I first bought it, I know the shares would go back p when they announce a new product.

Http://www. Valuable. Com/2015/06/GOP-stock-soars-on-hero-LCD/ Having market capital of 7. 87 billion, GOP has increased exponentially since going public in July of 2014.Though their products are efficient and modern, many of the stock prices are build-up on hype.

According to Valuable. Com when the Hero+LCD camera was unveiled, the stocks soared once again. Knowing that hype would create profit in my stock, invested smaller then usual and was careful that any income made kept and sold before it gradually went down. Just like party city during Halloween and Apple unveiling the new Phone, the hype creates excitement that raises stock prices.

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