Stock purchase and sell transactions through members

Stock exchange marketis a market in which old securities that have been already issued by means ofthe organizations and other companies to the public are bought and sold throughlegal dealers in line with certain regulations and guidelines. In addition, buyerof securities can also find a direct seller who’s willing to sell his holdingsat a fair rate. The securities are sold and bought continuously a number of theinvestors in these stock exchanges without the involvement of organizations.Stock exchanges facilitate the free exchange of best the securities which canbe listed. The Stock Exchange is a definitely organized market in whichsecurities owners purchase and sell transactions through members of theexchange acting as intermediaries. The contingent of members of the exchangeconsists of individual traders in securities and financial institutions.

It isa place where the seller and the buyer of securities find each other, where theprices for these securities are determined by the demand and supply for them,and the process of purchase and sale is regulated by rules and norms, it issome organized market of valuable securities. The goods in this market aresecurities are stocks, bonds, etc., however the prices of these goods are therates of these securities. The main purpose of theexchange is to ensure a quick and effective resale of securities, meanwhile fortheir owners is the possibility of exchanging securities for money. Anotheraims of the stock exchange market are:1.

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         Creation of a specialized placeequipped with the necessary technical means for conducting trading operations2.         The assessment of the quality ofsecurities of issuers and the admission to exchange trade only by highlyreliable securities3.         Maintenance of quotations of securitiesand establishment of an equilibrium price4.         Creation of an organized securitiesmarket in which the actions of participants are regulated by rules andstandards established by the exchange5.         Securing guarantees for execution oftransactions with securities, delivery of securities and mutual settlements 


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