Steve also is a very special and

Steve Nash is 43 years old, has three kids and a loving wife but on top of all that a legendary Canadian NBA basketball player he played for the Dallas Mavericks, the LA Lakers, and the Phoenix Suns.

Steve Nash also is a very special and kind person off the court. Steve Nash is such a good player because has accomplished many great things throughout his career. He has won MVP awards and has been close to winning multiple championships. This is his life story to help support this thesis. Steve Nash was born on February 7th, 1974.

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His parents moved to Canada where he spent most of his childhood.They moved because his dad wanted to play some professional soccer there. Nash, like his father also liked soccer and he played it in High School. Steve Nash was also good at basketball, and he decided to play basketball instead of soccer in college.Steve Nash went to Santa Clara University in California.

In his freshman year he and his team got into the NCAA tournament, and he helped by leading them to another two tournaments over the course of his career there. He won the West Coast Conference player of the year award three times. Steve had such a good career there that he is considered one of the best players to play basketball at the University of Santa Clara.Because Steve was outstanding playing basketball in college, he entered the 1996 NBA draft. Steve was taken 15th overall by the Phoenix Suns. Steve didn’t do great his first couple years with the Suns, and he was traded to the Dallas Mavericks in 1998.

Steve was playing great with the Mavericks and they were a pretty good team. He never won an NBA championship with the Mavericks, he still did a very good job and he even became an NBA All Star for the first time in his career. At the end of the 2004-2005 season, Steve Nash became a free agent. The Mavericks offered him a contract but the Phoenix Suns offered him a better one.

Steve decided to sign back with his original team that he was drafted from because there was a lot more money offered, plus the Suns were a very young and talented team and seemed to have some very good potential.Steve Nash made a pretty good decision to go and play for the Suns. He won the MVP award back to back many years in a row on that team. He never won a championship with the Suns, but people think that they were capable because they had a few great players.Steve is also a great player off the court. He started a foundation, the Steve Nash foundation.

This foundation works to help kids get healthier, help them get an education, and help kids that are having rough childhoods. Steve is such an amazing basketball player and a great person off the court. He is a good role model for young kids around the world.Steve Nash said, “I started this Foundation because I really felt the need to try to help people. As a professional athlete, you are in a position and given the opportunity to really have an impact on more than just your immediate surroundings. For me to be able to do that is something that’s sometimes challenging, but always worthwhile.

Everyday, all of us, together and as individuals we have an opportunity as citizens to contribute to the vision of what we want to see in the world. And how best to do that but through children. We know that kids run the world; we know that they will grow and walk and run the world. They need from us now the tools to help them grow. They need from us now those things that will position them to think for themselves and become their own guiding forces that will shape our communities, locally and globally, down the road. What we are trying to do with this Foundation is to actuate our collective hope by helping to grow health in them.

At the Steve Nash Foundation, we believe strongly that every child has the right to be healthy, to have a good education, to live in an environment that contributes to her well-being, to his personal development.”Nash announced his retirement on March 21, 2015. Before the announcement, the Cleveland Cavaliers had said to Nash’s agent that they were interested to have him as a backup for Kyrie Irving if Nash asked for a buyout. Nash declined, because of his health concerns and wanting to retire as a Laker because he felt grateful for the opportunity given by the team.

Nash was later approached by a former team of his, the Dallas Mavericks to have one last season with them, but he declined also because of his health concerns. On September 25, 2015, Nash took part-time duties for the Golden State Warriors. In his first season with the team, the Warriors got a record-breaking 73–9 season, the team didn’t win in the 2016 NBA finals to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The next season, the Warriors won the 2017 NBA finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers, giving Nash his first NBA championship in any role.  On December 19, 2017, the Naismith basketball hall of fame announced that to be qualified for induction into the Hall of Fame was decreased to three years after retirement, which makes Nash able to be enshrined this year. Steve Nash really has heart for basketball, he tries to be the best to the kids in the world.

People can see from this that even though it’s great to play a game for tons of dollars and receive lots of attention, and become famous to everyone, it’s also really great to help the people who really need it. Steve Nash is an amazing basketball player and just an all around great guy.


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