Stella’s is faced between choosing her fragile sister

Stella’s refusal to budge from her relationship with Stanley represents her struggle with her timid and desire driven personality. Stella is shaken up after being hit by Stanley, yet she returns to him within minutes.

When Stanley calls for Stella, begging her forgiveness, “Stella slips down the rickety stairs in her robe. Her eyes are glistening with tears and her hair loose about her throat and shoulders. .

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.. Then they come together with low, animal moans.

” (Williams 67 stage directions). Stella’s disheveled appearance projects the unstableness of her relationship, but her tendency to forgive Stanley due to the sexual fulfillment he gives her keeps Stella fixed on their marriage. Furthermore, Blanche is appalled by Stella’s easiness around Stanley after the incident, but Stella is unfazed.

Due to her opinion that “…when men are drinking and playing poker anything can happen. It’s always a powder-keg. He didn’t know what he was doing” (72), Stella reveals how her infatuation with Stanley causes her to accept all of his bad habits.

Over time, Stanley’s hot and cold personality intertwines itself into Stella’s daily routine, causing her to analyze these outbursts as the norm and something to look past. Lastly, when Stella is faced between choosing her fragile sister or her raffish husband, she chooses Stanley. What is even more harrowing about this decision is Stella’s realization that “she couldn’t believe Blanche’s story and go on living with Stanley”(165). Deep down, Stella knows the tragic truth of what actually happened, but fails to support her sister. Showing belief in Blanche’s story would not only destroy her relationship with Stanley, but would also damage Stella’s reputation.

Her overwhelming love for Stanley and fear of accepting the truth proves to be detrimental to Stella who loses her sister’s respect as well as an encouraging voice urging her to escape from Stanley’s erratic behavior.


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