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Staying safe and respecting others is important because when using email being safe can keep me from getting my emails infected by an unwanted email or worse. Being respectful is important as well because it’s a human on the other side so I should be as considerate as I am in real life.

There are many steps that I can do to ensure that I am safe while using email. For example don’t click on links or attachments from an email address that I don’t know as these links could be harmful to my computer since they could be a virus or a phishing scam. Another example is to change my password regularly and to not share it with anyone else as they could gain access to my account. Another example of keeping safe is having an anti-virus installed as this will protect the computer and also checking regularly for updates for it to make sure it’s the most up to date version.

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Another example is to log out of my email when I am done using it as someone could gain unauthorised access to it. Being respectful is also important as it is another human on the other end so I should be considerate of them. One way in which I can be respectful of others is by constructing my emails in a proper manner so this giving it an appropriate subject then typing it in the right manner about the subject and then signing it off with my signature with my details with it so they know how to contact me if necessary. Another way is to watch how I joke over email as humour and sarcasm can be taken over email differently since there’s no human contact so body language and tone of voice isn’t there to decipher it so this should be thought through before I send an email.

Another way to be respectfully is to not participate in chain mail as this can annoy other people so if I receive a chain mail I should delete it. Also use appropriate language so for example don’t swear or using racist remarks over email as people can find this inappropriate. Another way to be respectful is when I’m emailing a group of people I should put there address’s in the bcc field this means that the person receiving the email will only see there address and none of the others that have been emailed since others might not be content with me sharing their email address.


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