Staying age-old gym classes.With a number of exercise

Staying fit was once a beauty quotient. Washboard abs, ripped and toned muscles were a symbol of how handsome you are. Time has changed now having a toned fit body is not just a definition of your looks. It is also the definition of your health. There are different kind of exercises that can keep you fit like Aerobics, Yoga, Zumba and no can ignore the age-old gym classes.With a number of exercise routines comes a number of exercise tools.

And the latest addition is the ‘Step Platforms’. Step platforms are exercise block steps used in step aerobics. The exercise routine is as simple as its name. All you have to do is step up and down the exercise block steps. So how will it benefit if you just climb up and down these exercise block steps? • The study says it is one of the best cardiovascular exercises that will help you strengthen your bones and muscles. • It also helps in increasing your mental fitness.• Using an exercise block step is a great way to lose your weight since it helps in burning calories.

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• It reduces your stress level.• It tones down the muscles in your leg and strengthens your leg.• You can customize the exercise and make it a fun routine.Let us take a look at few common step aerobics using an exercise block step:1. The Basics: This is a simple routine where one has to get on and off the step platform. This is an exercise that is followed rigorously by most athletes and sportspersons. 2.

The Tap and Move: This is not as simple as the first step. In this step use one of your feet to climb on the exercise block step while use the other to tap the feet on the block and vice versa. Start with a slow pace and gradually increase your speed to break a sweat.3. The dumbells: Add to the routine by carrying dumbells so that your hands are not just lying by your side.4. The V Step: This is very similar to the first step.

The only difference is that when you put your right leg on the exercise block step, you have to place it on the right side and when you put your left leg up, you have to place it on the left side.5. The Turn Step: This is adding a twist to the basic step. All you have to do is put up your right foot then left foot and turn your body. Tap on the floor using right foot then climb using the left foot followed by the right.

These are the simple beginner routines. You can start the next set of routines once you are comfortable and confident that you have mastered it all. Step exercises can also increase your concentration if you constantly train on a regular basis. Some of the factors you need to consider before using an exercise block step are:• You need to place your step platform/ exercise block steps on a flat surface to ensure your safety.• Make sure the blocks don’t slide easily and which can result in slipping and falling.• Initially, you need to be very slow while doing the routines.• Do not overdo.

As much as exercise is good for health, over-doing can cause a fatal health issue.It is not necessary that you must shop for an exercise block step to use as a step platform. You can use any solid block or elevated platform to do these exercise routines.Please find below the link to an aerobics step workout y Jenny Ford.

This is a fun and very motivating video with simple routines that are easy to pick up.


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