Statistics not prepare a student for future careers.

Statistics show that the quality of education in today’s colleges has declined. The education that students are receiving is unnecessary information. Schools and colleges do not prepare a student for future careers.

The students are simply going through the motions to obtain a degree over obtaining valuable knowledge. Mary Alice McCarthy (2015) challenges the benefits between a four-year program and job-specific training. Over the past few years education became “a weird industry” (McCarthy, 2015).

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Students must learn how to prioritize importance of education, allocate time to be productive, and get specific skills in order to obtain quality for a future high-quality job.In fact, students should prioritize important classes to form specialized skills according to the future job they seek. Education has deteriorated by teachers being less involved and invested into the students and their future.

In college, many areas of study are completely unnecessary for learning. Formal teaching lacks the hands-on skills that students will be using once they get into their field of work. For instance, “literacy and numeracy are vital, but few of us use history, poetry, higher mathematics or foreign languages after graduation” (Caplan, 2018). This has become a serious problem for the younger generation because they are not efficient workers. This education system enforces students to have a mindset of taking the easy way out in life and college.

This is due to them trying to earn a degree for a future career instead of earning an education for their future career.In reality, students should try to get the most out of their education and time in college. This is the time where students should dedicate learning to basic knowledge inside and outside the classroom.

For me, job-specific training plays a really important role in my life. I want to get an excellent knowledge to apply it for a future job. It is a myth that entrepreneurs are always recruiting people only with bachelor and magistracy degrees. For example, I know a lot of companies that do not require a degree. Among them are: Google, Apple, Hilton, Starbucks, Bank of America and many others.

You will be shocked and confused by the fact, that these companies recruit employees without any degree. After that fact you should understand that training skills are more important than just a degree. That is why I believe that people should improve their skills every day and strive to archive highest results. Furthermore, being involved in volunteering and doing different jobs in college, for example, a part-time job will also greatly influence the employers when you apply for a job. Throughout life, you need to improve skills that will help and simplify your work in the future.

Besides, going through on the job training will improve my skills, which are directed specifically to my major. I can have best of both worlds if I apply myself to learning on campus and learning in a job. This is true because it is not necessary to change college tuition on job-specific training and it can help pay for college. For example, I have a close friend who finished college and got a degree, but when he had free time over the summer and winter breaks. He worked on various programs that were precisely aimed at his future profession.

Thus, it helped him a lot and now he works in a good company and gets a high salary due to his high knowledge and skills. That is why to me degree and job-specific training play an important role for all my life.Finally, I want to say that each person has a choice, and everyone chooses his or her own way in life. To be honest, I worry a lot about my future. I hope I will achieve the highest results in college and gain skills which will be directed to my major. It will definitely help me in getting a job in the end.

Studying has always been my main priority, because we study throughout our lives. As Aristotle said, “the roots of education are bitter, but the fruits is sweet”. I totally agree and I will try to do my best for the bright future.


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