Statistics for Management essay

Tabulation Tabulation follows classification. It is a logical or systematic listing of related ATA in rows and columns. The row Of SQ. (a) Explain Arithmetic mean. (b) The mean wage is RSI. 75 per day, SD wage is RSI. 5 per day for a group of 1000 workers and the same is RSI. 60 and RSI. 45 for the other group of 1500 workers. Find the mean and standard deviation for the entire group. Answer. (a) Arithmetic mean: Arithmetic mean is defined as the sum of all values divided by number of values and is represented by X . Arithmetic mean is also called ‘average?. It is most commonly used measures of central tendency.

Arithmetic Mean of a series is the value obtained by adding all the observations of a series and dividing this total by the number of observations. There are two types of SQ. Mr.. Run and Mr.. Bandier play a game. If Mr.. Run picks up an even number from 1 to 6, Mr.. Bandier will pay him double the amount equal to picked up number. If Mr.. Run picks up an odd number then he has to pay amount equal to double the picked up number. What is Mr.. Arum’s expectation? Answer. Let Xi be the random variable and P(Xi) be its probability. The probabilities are indicated in table. Required Values SQ.

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The probability that an employee will get an occupational disease is 20%. In a firm having five employees, what is the probability that: I) None of the employees get the disease ii) Exactly two will get the disease iii) More than four will contract the disease. Answer. Given that: p 0020/1 o SQ. Microsoft estimated that out of 10,000 potential software buyers, 35% wait to purchase the new SO Windows Vista, until an upgrade has been released. After an advertising campaign to reassure the public was released, Microsoft surveyed 3000 buyers and found 950 who are still skeptical.

At 5% level of significance, can the company conclude that the population of skeptical people had decreased? 10 Answer. The procedure is explained in the following steps: 1. Null hypothesis Ho: p = . 35 Alternate hypothesis HI: p < 0. 35 Q6. Explain Chi-square test and the conditions for applying chi-sq uare test. Answer. Chi-Square test: The Chi-square test is one of the most commonly used non-parametric tests in statistical work. The Greek Letter 02 is used to denote this test. 02 describe the magnitude of discrepancy between the observed and the expected frequencies. Get solved assignments at nominal price of Rs. 1 20 each.

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